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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Recipe: Appetizing Vickys 'Among Us' Cake Decoration Idea

Vickys 'Among Us' Cake Decoration Idea.

Vickys 'Among Us' Cake Decoration Idea You can cook Vickys 'Among Us' Cake Decoration Idea using 6 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Vickys 'Among Us' Cake Decoration Idea

  1. Prepare 9 inch of square loose bottomed cake tin.
  2. Prepare 1.5 of x my Best Ever Chocolate Cake recipe (see recipe).
  3. You need 800 g of buttercream, divided.
  4. You need of Fondant in all colours!.
  5. You need sticks of Cocktail.
  6. You need of Card and a normal computer printer.

Vickys 'Among Us' Cake Decoration Idea instructions

  1. Bake 3 square layers using half the cake recipe per layer and baking for 35 minutes per layer and let cool completely on wire racks.
  2. Sandwich together with buttercream. I used chocolate for the inbetween layers but it doesn't matter which you choose.
  3. Slide parchment paper between the cake and cakeboard and cover all over with the remaining buttercream. I coloured mine grey as this is the floor colour in the game.
  4. Smooth down then remove the paper. Fondant will make a better covering, as will levelling the cake off lol, but the kids prefer buttercream on top and I was trying to help the older child do maths in German at the same time and I wasn't concentrating fully so.... Busy mum excuse.
  5. To make the figures start with a ball of coloured fondant. Roll into a cylinder then using a pencil or something in that rounded shape, press in at one of the short ends of the cylinder to form legs.
  6. Slightly flatten the cylinder and you have the basic shape of the character.
  7. They have backpacks on their spacesuits so roll another small ball in the same colour and flatten out. Cut into a square and stick on the back.
  8. To make the visor of their spacesuit, roll out some grey fondant to an oval and flatten down. Stick on the front near the top. I used an edible silver pen to create a highlight on the visor. The 'dead body' character is literally just the same but cut in half before you get to the backpack stage and has a white bone shape protruding from the cut side.
  9. Repeat for all colours. In the game you can add silly hats to the characters. I just did a few such as the party hat, the banana skin and the baseball hat.
  10. I then googled pictures of the little mens famous phrases and some other pictures of thrm wearing hats and holding balloons and printed them out onto thin card. These would have been great on rice / wafer paper if I had an edible ink printer! I stuck some onto cocktail sticks to insert beside the little guys to make it look like they were talking and the others I used to decorate the front and sides of the cake.
  11. The cafeteria table with the emergancy meeting button my friend kindly made on his 3D printer but you could absolutely make this out of fondant too. It's just a disk on stubby legs and then a ring cut into 4, each quarter also on a couple of stubby legs.
  12. I shoved some candles in and although it wasn't my best work, the twins loved it lol.

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