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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Activity of Brain May Explain Men's Sex Drive

Activity of Brain May Explain Men's Sex Drive

March 8, 2004 - It's no Enigma: Men are More interested and respond to erotic pictures More than women do. But At present, with Hi-tech new imaging, scientists can At present see what's On in the brain that makes this Befall -- and explain men's Gender drive.

Their report appears in this week's issue of Nature Neuroscience.

It's a Affected that has long Transfixed Investigators. In animal studies, Different Gender differences Rich Someone been Known in areas of the brain called the Anatomical Anatomical structure regions -- those that regulate Generative behavior, writes Investigator Stephan Hamann, PhD, a psychologist at Emory University in Atlanta.

For example, male rats respond to Unisexual Exciting smells and visuals -- a response that occurs in two Anatomical structures Inside the Anatomical Anatomical structure area of the brain called the Amygdaloid nucleus and hypothalamus. Female rats don't Appearance this brain activity pattern, he writes.

But do these Aforesaid "sex drive brain patterns" exist in Humanity?

Sex and College Students

To answer that question, Hamann and his Emory colleagues used Hi-tech MRI brain imaging to look into the brain activity of 28 male and Distaff college students.

The students looked at arousing photographs of heterosexual couples engaged in Unisexual activity and Unisexually attractive Diametrical Gender Au naturels and at "neutral" photographs -- pleasant pictures of men and women in Agamic situations.

"We Recovered that the [brain areas] Amygdaloid nucleus and hypothalamus were More activated in men than in women when viewing identical Unisexual stimuli, even when Distaffs Rumored greater arousal," writes Hamann.

In fact, men and women Some rated the erotic photographs as Unisexually attractive and physically arousing. Both groups Besides Recovered the photos of the couples More attractive and arousing than the photographs Depiction a Au naturel Someone of the Diametrical Gender.

However, in a closer look at responses to the photographs of couples -- which got the biggest arousal from Some men and women -- men had greater activity in the Amygdaloid nucleus and hypothalamus than did women, writes Hamann. Women Appearanceed no Fundamental Energizing in these regions.

Men Besides Unconcealed a "greater propensity" for Determination even the "neutral" photographs arousing -- although to a Little degree, reports Hamann. This pattern may reflect what Another Gender drive studies Rich Someone Recovered, that Crossways all cultures men prefer Unisexual variety More than women, he says.

Inside the Amygdala

The Amygdaloid nucleus has Triple Social functions, although its prime role is processing emotions, Hamann explains.

The Amygdaloid nucleus plays an important role in Endurance -- in quickly Determinative what's Skilled and what's Forbidding, Hamann writes.

This Cogitation, among Anothers, Appearances that the Amygdaloid nucleus is Besides related to a stronger Gender drive, not just emotional arousal. Even though women were aroused by certain photographs, they didn't experience the Energizing of this brain Anatomical structure.

However, whether men's and women's brain activity in Unisexual scenarios is a Social function of inherent brain differences -- or whether they Bow from life experiences -- is a matter for Far Cogitation of the human Gender drive, he concludes.

SOURCE: Hamann, S. Nature Neuroscience, March 7, 2004, advance online publication.

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