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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Feel Attractive, Have Better Sex?

Feel Attractive, Have Better Sex?

Nov. 11, 2005 -- Call it the Smeling-frumpy-or-fine phenomenon of Gender and aging for women.

A new Cogitation shows that a woman's Gender life may be richer if she Considers she's at To the lowest degree as attractive as she was 10 years earlier.

But if she Considers her Nimbus Years, in Footing of Attraction, are Ended, Whatsoever aspects of her Gender life Power Rich person Decreased as well.

"This Cogitation points out that women's body image was a Fundamental Forecaster of their Ad hoc Unisexual Functional," Investigator Patricia Bartholow Koch, PhD, tells WebMD.

Koch is an associate Prof of biobehavioral Wellness and women's studies at Pennsylvania State University.

The Cogitation recently appears in The Journal of Sex Research.

Heyday Over?

Koch and colleagues Unnatural about 300 heterosexual women for a decade. The women were 35-55 years Experienced. Most were white and college educated.

The women took surveys about their Gender lives. They were Besides asked if they were More, less, or as attractive as a decade ago.

No matter how young or Experienced the women were, they Leaned to report having been More attractive 10 years earlier. That Gumption of Decreased Attraction was Joined to less Common Gender and a drop in Unisexual desire.

"Women Unquestionably receive messages in the culture that as they age they're less attractive and that can be Taken as less Unisexual as well," Koch says. Unrealistic standards of Attraction in the media are one Much influence, she says.

Better With Age

Some women were exceptions. They Rumored being just as attractive as 10 years earlier. A few Aforesaid they had become More attractive with Clip.

Those women Rumored increases in Gender, Unisexual enjoyment, and Unisexual desire, says Koch.

The Cogitation Adjusted on body image. Many women were critical of their bodies. However, Whatsoever Aforesaid age had brought More confidence, which made them Smel More attractive.

Sexual Satisfaction Rated High

The Brobdingnagian majority of the women -- about 70% -- Rumored being Content with their Gender lives, no matter how attractive they felt.

How does that Hearty with the Another findings? Researchers and medical professionals "may be placing too Avid of an emphasis on Ad hoc physiological reactions," Koch says.

For example, she says Whatsoever women don't rate intense orgasms as being crucial for Unisexual Atonement.

Women vary in their Unisexual priorities, and those priorities may Teddy Ended Clip and with different relationships, says Koch. She stresses that she's not Expression that women don't care about Unisexual desire, arousal, and orgasm.

"It seems that they look More at the Endedall Unisexual experience," Koch says. "Some of the things that we don't Ordinarily measure -- Much as intimacy, communication, [and] Fondness ... are qualities that they use to evaluate their Unisexual experience, as well as Whatsoever of the physiological responses that Investigators and medical professionals Lean to Focal point More on."

Ways to Improve Body Image

The Cogitation doesn't prove that Smeling attractive boosts a woman's Gender life. The two may go Bridge player in Bridge player.

"Women's body image may affect their Unisexual relationships," says Koch. "But we all know that our Unisexual relationships can Besides affect our body image. So if we're in a Rewarding relationship and our partner gives us positive feedback, that Besides helps us to Smel More self-confident and Smel better about ourselves."

"That can boost our body image," says Koch. "It's a reinforcing cycle."

Koch offers 4 pieces of advice about Rising body image:Figure out what can realistically be changed (such as physical Fittingness). Accept aspects of aging that can't be changed. Don't hold yourself to the media's standards of Attraction. Get help from a counselor or Musical accompaniment Grouping if body image Corset poor.

Don't Draw a blank the perks of aging, she adds. "Hopefully, it empowers [us so] that we Rich person better Noesis of ourselves and we can communicate to Another people," Koch says.

What About Men?

Women aren't the Alone ones with body image issues.

"Women and men are Socialised very Otherwise in our Club and so they do Rich person Whatsoever unique issues," Koch says.

"But I Consider that the issues of body image and men and aging Rich person really been underappreciated and understudied. ... I Consider Regrettably that these issues are becoming More prominent for men as well."

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