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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Heartbreak Harder for Women Than Men

Heartbreak Harder for Women Than Men

Dec. 22, 2003 -- Heartbreak is harder on women, a British Cogitation shows.

The end of a relationship has a bad effect on Some women's and Manpower's Manpowertal Wellness. But the Brokenheartedness lasts Thirster for women. And unlike Manpower, Opening a new relationship doesn't make it all better. This is especially Literal for women who've been Direct Triple breakups.

"Women's Manpowertal Wellness did not Appear to recover from their last partnership Cut, Disregardless of the length of Clip since it occurred," write Michaela Benzeval, MSc, of the University of London in England, and colleagues in the January issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

"The Manpowertal Wellness of women became worse as the Bi or partnership Cuts rose or, Likewise, as the Bi of partnership reformations Magnified," the researchers report. "The poorest Manpowertal Wellness was among those women who had Old Triple partnership Cuts."

The findings come from 2,137 Manpower and 2,303 women under age 65 who, since 1991, Rich person been Attractive part in the British Household Panel Survey. The Sketch uses a 12-item Universal Wellness questionnaire designed to Blind for psychological distress -- Primarily depression and Anxiousness.

Enduring relationships were Joined to Skilled Manpowertal Wellness in Some women and Manpower. Both sexes suffered from breakups. But Another aspects of relationships and breakups had different Personal effects on the different sexes.

Different Findings for Men

Men whose relationships endured had Satisfactory Manpowertal Wellness. Those with just one breakup had problems that lasted for about 5 years. But the best Manpowertal Wellness in the entire Cogitation was seen in Manpower who had broken up More than Formerly and Conceived two or More new partnerships.

Single women's Manpowertal Wellness was just as Skilled as that of married women. Single Manpower, Still, suffered poor Manpowertal Wellness. Men who remained Only after a breakup had the worst Manpowertal Wellness of all.

But Spell women who married were better off than those who cohabited, the Diametrical was Literal of Manpower. Cohabiting Manpower had better Manpowertal Wellness than married Manpower.

SOURCE: Willitts, M. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, January 2004; vol 58: pp 53-58.

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