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Saturday, February 26, 2022

His and Her Humor on Different Plane

His and Her Humor on Different Plane

Nov. 7, 2005 -- Humor hits Manpower and women Otherwise, new brain research shows.

The findings appear in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, a Critical journal that's Non very giggly reading.

Two studies in the journal's online edition pair humor with high-tech Scientific discipline. The results may be enlightening about how Manpower's and women's brains Hold emotions.

Funny or Not?

The rules were Plain: View a bunch of cartoons 1 by 1. Press a button to call each cartoon Mirthful or Non. Rank the Mirthful 1s on a 1-to-10 Musical scale (scarcely Mirthful to Perfectly Screaming). Meanwhile, get your brain scanned by Practical magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Ten women and 10 Manpower did that. Eiman Azim and colleagues Unbroken watch. At the Clip, Azim was a Stanford University Undergrad Pupil; At present, he's a Postgraduate Pupil at Harvard University.

Both sexes Recovered about eight out of 10 cartoons Mirthful. Men and women Primarily United about which cartoons were Mirthful.

Their brains, Still, Holdd humor Otherwise.

Her Brain, His Brain

When women Recovered cartoons Mirthful, their brain scans showed More activity in certain brain areas, including the Cell nucleus accumbens.

When the women saw cartoons that didn't Titillatio their Mirthful bone, their Cell nucleus accumbens had a ho-hum response.

Men's brain scans were different. Their Cell nucleus accumbens didn't react to Mirthful cartoons and showed a drop in activity with Humourless cartoons.

The Punch Line: Surprise Matters

Surprise may be at the Fondness of the Cogitation. Here's the researchers' theory.

Perhaps women didn't expect cartoons to be Mirthful, Spell Manpower expected the Diametrical. When they got what they expected, their Cell nucleus accumbens were calm.

When women were pleasantly Surprisald, their brain scans may Rich person Mirrored that with a Bustle of activity in the Cell nucleus accumbens.

Men, on the Another Bridge player, may Rich person been let down by Humourless cartoons, Causation a dip in that brain area's activity.

If so, it Power be a new clue about emotional responses. That could prove Exciting for depression research, write Azim and colleagues.

"The results help explain previous findings suggesting women and Manpower differ in how humor is used and appreciated," says Allan Reiss, MD, in a Word release.

Reiss is Stanford's Howard C. Robbins Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He Besides directs Stanford's Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences research. Reiss worked on Some of the new studies on humor.

Personality, Humor, and the Brain

Personality was the Theme in the 2nd Stanford Cogitation.

The Cogitation Besides used cartoons and MRI brain scans. But 1st, the participants -- eight women and Cardinal Manpower -- took personality tests.

The tests Ariled Psychoneurosis, Extroversion, conscientiousness, and Another traits.

Introverts and extraverts showed different brain activity patterns in viewing and rating the cartoons. But introverts didn't Needs laugh or Grinning More or less than extraverts, write the researchers.

They Enclosed Dean Mobbs, At present a Postgraduate Pupil at University College London.

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