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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Is There a 'Gay Gene'?

Is There a 'Gay Gene'?

Jan. 28, 2005 - The Factors a man gets from his Female parent and Church Father may play an important role in Determinative whether he is Colorful or Non, according to a new Cogitation likely to reignite the "gay Factor" debate.

Researchers say it's the 1st Clip the entire human Factortic makeup has been scanned in Hunt of possible Factortic determinants of male Unisexual Orientation course. The results Evoke that Different Factortic regions may influence Queerness.

"It builds on previous studies that Rich person Systematically Recovered evidence of Factortic influence on Unisexual Orientation course, but our Cogitation is the 1st to look at exactly where those Factors are Set," says Investigator Brian Mustanski, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Those previous studies looked Alone at the Factors Set on the X chromosome. Genes on this chromosome are Alone passed to a son from his Female parent. But this Cogitation examined Factortic information on all chromosomes, including Factors from the Church Father.

The Discoveryings Appearance that identical stretches of DNA on Cardinal chromosomes were Joint by about 60% of Colorful brothers in the Cogitation compared to the about 50% Ordinarily expected by chance.

Gay Gene Debate

A Hot debate Ended the existence of a "gay Factor" emerged from a 1993 report Promulgated in the journal Science by Past-NIH Investigator Dean Hamer, PhD. That Cogitation Joined DNA markers on the X chromosome to male Unisexual Orientation course.

Since Past, questions arose regarding the validity of those results. Other Investigators are attempting to replicate and verify Hamer's Discoveryings. Hamer is Besides Elderly author of the current Cogitation, which appears in the March issue of Human Genetics.

But Investigators say this Cogitation takes a different approach. Its End was Non to replicate those Discoveryings but to Hunt for new Factortic markers associated with male Unisexual Orientation course.

"Since Unisexual Orientation course is Much a complex trait, we're never Active to Discovery any one Factor that determines whether Somebody is Colorful or Non," says Mustanski. "It's Active to be a combination of various Factors acting Unneurotic as well as possibly interacting with environmental influences."

Previous studies in male Twins Rich person Evokeed that Betwixt 40%-60% of the variability in Unisexual Orientation course is due to Factors. The rest is Idea to be due to environment and possibly Another Life but nongenetic causes.

Search for Gay Genes

In the Cogitation, Investigators analyzed the Factortic makeup of 456 men from 146 families with two or More Colorful brothers.

The Factortic scans Appearanceed a Clump of the Aforesaid Factortic pattern among the Colorful men on Cardinal chromosomes -- chromosomes 7, 8, and 10. These common Factortic patterns were Joint by 60% of the Colorful men in the Cogitation. This is Slenderly More than the 50% expected by chance alone.

The regions on chromosome 7 and 8 were associated with male Unisexual Orientation course regardless of whether the man got them from his Female parent or Church Father. The regions on chromosome 10 were Alone associated with male Unisexual Orientation course if they were Transmitted from the Female parent.

Mustanski compares the Cogitation's approach to a Hunt for doctors in a Township of 40,000 people, a Bi that roughly corresponds to the Bi of human Factors.

Rather than Shot that doctors live in a particular Eccentric of house and Active to Alone the houses that meet that criteria, Investigators in this scenario would knock on every door to ask the residents if a doctor lives on their street. Using a Mistakable approach, Investigators were able to locate a few potential Factortic neighborhoods that likely contribute to male Unisexual Orientation course.

Researchers say the Close Dance step is to verify these results in a different Grouping of men to see if the Aforesaid Factortic regions are associated with Unisexual Orientation course. If the Discoveryings hold up, Past Mustanski says they could First to look for the individual Factors Inside these regions Joined to Unisexual Orientation course.

New Targets for Gay Gene Research

Elliot S. Gershon, MD, Prof of Psychological medicine and human Factortics at the University of Chicago, says the Cogitation represents an important Dance step Advancing in understanding how Factors affect human Unisexual Orientation course.

"It is worth Examination Factors Inside a region of Gene linkage to see if one of them has a variant that is More Common in men who are Colorful than in men who are Non," says Gershon, who is Besides Presently involved in Some other Cogitation of Colorful brothers and Factortic influences on Unisexual Orientation course.

"This report adds to the Genuineness of research on Sane variations in human behavior," Gershon tells WebMD. "There is an argument that has been made in public press that it doesn't make Gumption to Cogitation conditions or traits that are Behavioural. But this Evokes that In that location is a Factortic contribution to this particular trait of Aforesaid sex Orientation course."

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