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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Men Want Subordinate Women

Men Want Subordinate Women

Dec. 15, 2004 -- Men prefer Dependent women for relationships, suggests new research in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

The Cogitation was conducted by a woman and a man: Stephanie Brown of the University of Michigan and Brian Lewis of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Brown and Lewis Unnatural More than 300 college students, 120 of whom were Manpower. The researchers wanted to see if dominance affected opinions about potential partners.

Dominance had Nix to do with personality. Instead, it Adjusted on rank, power, and status.

Participants were asked to imagine themselves in a Work Scope. They read a description of "Johns" or "Jennifers," who were Delineate either as their assistant, Equal, or Executive program. They Besides saw pictures of the Johns and Jennifers. Photos showed people of Mistakable age and attractiveness.

Next, participants rated how interested they were in Outlay Clip External the Agency with each Unreal colleague. They Graded the Johns' and Jennifers' appeal as an exercise Pal with no romantic String section attached, a one-night Outdoor stage, a date, and a marriage partner.

When it came to the romantic or Unisexual options, participants Alone reviewed imaginary partners of the Diametrical Gender. They were Besides told that company rules didn't restrict Geological dating or relationships among employees.

Men preferred the women who were Delineate as their assistants. That was especially Literal for long-term relationships with higher Wager, Much as marriage or Geological dating, compared to a one-time Offer or a Fittingness partner.

Women weren't concerned about dominance.

The findings didn't Surprisal Brown and Lewis. They Expected that "males would be More attracted to a [woman] if she were Delineate as his assistant than if she were Delineate as his coworker or Executive program."

Evolution, not Cupid, Power be responsible. Males Power reduce paternity questions by partnering with Dependent females, the researchers suggest.

That's Abstract. Participants weren't asked about having babies with John or Jennifer, or which Eccentric of partner was More likely to be Close.

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