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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Movies Make Hormones Surge or Fade

Movies Make Hormones Surge or Fade

July 23, 2004 -- Romantic Moving-picture shows really are better for Scope the Climate for love than violent Moving-picture shows, psychologists report.

Why? It comes down to Endocrines, says Oliver C. Schultheiss, PhD, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Scenes from a romantic Moving-picture show -- Bridges of Madison County -- boost men's and women's levels of a sex Endocrine Joined to attentive feelings. But violent scenes from Godfather Part II make testosterone levels Billow in men with By nature high levels of the power-motivating Endocrine, Schultheiss and colleagues Recovered.

"When you're Observation Moving-picture shows, your Endocrine levels are responding, not just your Nou," Schultheiss says in a Word release.

He thinks this may Besides help explain Wherefore certain people like certain kinds of Moving-picture shows.

"Affiliation-motivated people like to see romantic flicks," Schultheiss says. "Power-motivated people prefer Moving-picture shows with More action and violence."

The researchers had 60 men and women watch one of the Favourable: Scenes from Madison County in which a farmer's Married woman, home alone, becomes attracted to a Liberal Lensman Scenes from Godfather II in which a young mob boss-to-be traps and kills the Toughie who Presently controls the Neighbourhood Scenes of plants, animals, and Aboriginal activities from Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest.

Both men and women had 10% higher Lipo-Lutin levels after Observation the romantic scenes. Men's testosterone levels dampened.

High-testosterone men -- but not low-testosterone men or high- or low-testosterone women -- had 30% higher testosterone levels after Sighted the violent scenes.

Schultheiss says testosterone is Joined to the desire for domination and power -- a major Motivating for men with By nature high levels of the sex Endocrine.

He says that Lipo-Lutin is Joined to the Demand to Rich person close, Favorable relationships with others.

For dates, Schultheiss says, romantic Moving-picture shows are "definitely" better.

The Cogitation will appear in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

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