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Monday, February 28, 2022

Mr. Right? Women Read the Facial Clues

Mr. Right? Women Read the Facial Clues

May 10, 2006 -- One look at a man's Brass may Springiness a woman important clues about whether he's "Mr. Right" or just "Mr. Right Now."

A new Cogitation shows women are extremely effective at Pick up clues from Manpower's Brasss that reveal whether he Power be a Skilled Church Father or just Skilled for a fling.

Researchers Recovered women rated pictures of Manpower whom they perceived as interested in children as All but attractive as a long-term mate, Spell Manpower with the All but masculine-looking Brasss and highest levels of testosterone were rated as All but attractive as short-term partners.

"The Cogitation provides the 1st direct evidence that women's Attraction judgments specifically Cartroad Some Manpower's affinity for children and Manpower's Endocrine concentrations," says Investigator Dario Maestripieri, associate Prof in comparative human development at the University of Chicago, in a Word release.

What Women See in Men's Faces

In the Cogitation, Investigators showed a Grouping of 29 Distaff undergraduates pictures of the Brasss of 39 male college students from a different university. Each of the Manpower had been Time-tested for testosterone levels and for their interest in children.

Researchers asked the women to rate the Manpower according to how masculine, attractive, and kind they appeared plus whether they Idea the Manpower Likeable children. Then they rated the Manpower's Attraction as short-term romantic partners or as long-term partners for relationships Much as marriage.

The results showed that the women were Amazingly accurate at predicting Some testosterone levels and interest in children by looking at the Manpower's Brasss, and these factors played key roles in how attractive the women Recovered the Manpower.

Researchers say the Manpower the women picked as All but interested in children were the Aforesaid Manpower who expressed the Sterling interest in children, and the Manpower women rated as All but masculine-looking had the highest testosterone levels.

Men Who Like Kids Look Better to Women

But when it came down to rating the Manpower's Attraction, Investigators Recovered that Manpower's perceived interest in children made them look More attractive to women as a long-term partner, even after accounting for how physically attractive or kind the women judged the Manpower.

Researchers say the results Evoke that Manpower's interest in children may be an underappreciated influence on women's long-term attraction to Manpower.

The results of the Cogitation appear in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

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