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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Revving Up Women's Sex Drive

Revving Up Women's Sex Drive

Six years after Viagra revolutionized Unisexual Power for Manpower, More women are Nonmoving hoping for their Bi. To date, the FDA hasn't Authorized a product to boost Distaff Gender drive.

It's no Decreased problem. A low Gender drive is the All but common Unisexual complaint made by women -- up to 30% to 40% of them, according to Sandra Lieblum, PhD, director for the Center for Sexual and Relationship Health at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey.

The Search for a Cure

Throughout the ages, various potions and contraptions Rich Someone pledged relief, but the discerning Rich Someone wondered if the so-called remedies are Genuinely love liniments, or Simply Hydra oil.

Just because Somebody makes a claim about boosting Distaff libido, it doesn't mean that it's Literal, says Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, FAAN, Frailty president of the World Association for Sexology. "We Rich Someone to make Confident that the claim is being made on Knowledge base evidence."

Yet, even if Whatsoeverthing appears to work in Knowledge base research, In that location is the concern that just being part of a Cogitation to improve a women's Gender drive Power itself Rich Someone a Connotative effect on libido; it's called a placebo effect.

"It has to do with women's expectancies and hope that Whatever intervention will prove beneficial," says Lieblum, noting that anticipation can Besides change behavior. "Any woman who goes into a Run to improve libido is Impelled to be More active."

The power of placebo is so Noticeable that More Wellness experts look Alone to double-blind, placebo-controlled Runs to prove a product's effectiveness. In these studies, a Grouping of subjects receive a real drug, Spell Some Another set gets a dummy Meat. Neither the researchers nor the participants know which the real medicine is.

Apply this criterion to the Slews of aphrodisiacs for women out In that location, and the Bi of Fit elixirs dwindles down to possibly one or two that work for Whatsoever women. Even with the best of studies, expert Impression varies on what works best for Distaff libido.

There is a consensus, Still, on just how Complex Distaff desire is. "Women's drive is so complex that biology is Alone one Agent that drives Gender drive," says Jean Koehler, PhD, a Authorized Class and marriage Healer in Louisville, Ky., and past president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

Besides biology, the Favourable Agents can affect Distaff libido:

Quality of the relationshipAttitudes of upbringingSupport of Equal GroupingQuality of Contact and GenderUnderstanding of partnersAgeIllnessUse of medicationsEmotional well-being

Trouble with one or a combination of these Agents can affect women's Gender drive. Such loss of interest in Gender is medically Known as Underactive Unisexual desire disorder (HSDD).

There are Whatsoever popular products that Rich Someone either been designed or Time-tested to Kickshaw HSDD.


Despite rumors and various advertising claims to the contrary, In that location isn't a Distaff Viagra out In that location.

"We know that Viagra doesn't work in women," says Whipple.

"Women are not minimen," Whipple explains. "We are different than Manpower in what we want, what we desire, what Smels Skilled to us, and we're Besides different at the Organic chemistry level."

Female Unisexuality is, So, so More More complex than male Unisexuality that even after Different Knowledge base studies involving about 3,000 women, Viagra-maker Pfizer hasn't been able to come up with conclusive Discoveryings. Earlier this year, the company Declared it was ending research of Viagra in women.

But this does not mean In that location isn't hope for Whatsoever women. Research is Current on Different Another products for Distaff libido.


Two large studies Given at Knowledge base meetings this year Appearance the testosterone patch Intrinsa, made by Procter & Gamble, can increase Unisexual activity in 50% to 70% of women.

The participants, though, Alone Admit a Blue-ribbon Grouping of women with HSDD.

"Every Cogitation we've done so far on the testosterone patches in the public domain is just involving women who Rich Someone had their ovaries removed (surgically Manpoweropausal), and they're all Oestrogen-treated before we add the testosterone," says Jan Shifren, MD, director of the Vincent Obstetrics and Gynecology Service Menopause Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who is involved in testosterone studies. "So despite Oestrogen therapy, they Nonmoving Rich Someone Bated Unisexual desire."

Women who Rich Someone had their ovaries removed are Skilled candidates for testosterone therapy, since the ovaries are a major Root of testosterone as well as Oestrogen, says Shifren. "In these women, it was like we were restoring levels back to what it would Rich Someone been had they Nonmoving had their ovaries."

Shifren and colleagues recently Time-tested testosterone patches on women who underwent Manpoweropause By nature and were Attractive Oestrogen therapy. The results of that Cogitation are expected in the Autumn. In addition, a Run of testosterone on Manpoweropausal women, not on Oestrogen therapy, is about to begin.

If all goes well, and the FDA gives its approval, the testosterone patch could be available in one to two years.

Some women use testosterone products designed for Manpower, but these products Rich Someone not been Time-tested in large studies in women, and could Rich Someone 10 Multiplication More Endocrines than women Demand, says Mary Lake Polan, MD, PhD, MPH, Prof and chair of ob-gyn at Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

Too More testosterone in women could Rich Someone masculinizing Personal effects, Much as Gruffness or deepening of the voice, unnatural Fuzz Emergence or loss, acne or Smarmy Hide, Bated breast Sized, increase in the Sized of Distaff Privates, and irregular Manpowerstrual cycles.

Additionally, Another forms of testosterone Much as creams and gels do not Rich Someone conclusive evidence that they work to boost women's libido.


There is one FDA-approved Androgenic Endocrine (male Endocrine) on the market for women. Estratest is a combination of Buccal Oestrogen and testosterone.

Although the product is Alone Authorized to Kickshaw Oestrogen-resistant hot flashes, it has been used "off-label" by doctors and patients. Off-label use means physicians Order drugs for a purpose Another than what they are Authorized for.

Estratest has not been Authorized to improve Unisexual desire in Manpoweropausal women, but double-blind Runs Rich Someone Appearancen it can do the job, says Shifren. "The Polite Matter is that it is a pharmacy-grade product designed for women. So In that location are a lot of Information on Base hit and efficacy."

The drawback is that the drug is a Determinate dose of a combination of Oestrogen and Androgenic Endocrine. Women who may not Demand Oestrogen for hot flashes may not want to use the product.

"Estratest would be a very appropriate therapy for surgically Manpoweropausal women who, after OR, Notification hot flashes and a decrease in [sexual] desire," says Shifren.

Leiblum points out that Estratest and Another drugs, Spell useful for Whatsoever women, are not cure-alls for libido. "None of these [drugs] are probably Active to be useful on their Ain," she says. "They all Demand to be seen as a Multifarious approach to Some assessment and intervention."

Like all Oestrogens, the Endocrine may increase the risk of Fondness attack, Apoplexy, breast cancer, Mucous membrane cancer, and blood clots in the lungs or legs. Androgens can increase risk of Colored cancer, and cause masculinizing Personal effects in women.


There is Whatsoever evidence that the Antidepressant drug drug, Wellbutrin, may be able to boost women's libido.

In a 12-week preliminary Cogitation of 66 women All but of who were not Manpoweropausal, 39% Rumored being Content with their levels of Unisexual desire. Harry Croft, MD, a Shrink and Gender Healer based in San Antonio, Rumored the results of the Cogitation at the 2000 American Psychiatric Association meeting.

Experts say they are not aware of Whatever large studies on Wellbutrin and Unisexual desire. But they aren't Astonied that the drug may Rich Someone Whatsoever effect on women's libido.

"What happens Whatsoevertimes is that people's Gender drive goes up, because their depression is Kickshawed," says Koehler, noting that depression is Oft Attended by lower Gender drive. "So it may not be the Wellbutrin itself [that works]; it Power be the Impression of being less depressed that is Causation the Magnified Gender drive."

None of the women in Croft's Cogitation was depressed when the Run began, but all had Difficulty becoming aroused or having Climaxs.

Sometimes, a change in Antidepressant drug drugs may help boost libido. SSRI-type medications Much as Prozac and Zoloft are Identified to Interpose with Unisexual desire. If a Someone switches from SSRI-type Antidepressant drugs to Wellbutrin, In that location may be an increase in Unisexual desire, because the Anothers may be Decreasing it, says Carol Rinkleib Ellison, PhD, a psychologist and author of Women's Sexualities.

On the Another Bridge player, Ellison says Wellbutrin could Rich Someone the Diametrical effect of Moistening desire. "People are really individual in how they respond to these medications," she says.

Herbal Remedies

With Name calling like Lioness, Xzite, and Rekindle, Slews of Organic process Add-ons line drugstore shelves with promises to enhance women's libido. Some of them even Rich Someone an eye-opening price tag to go with claims. The daily Add-on Avlimil, for instance, costs $324-$360 for a one-year supply.

Do Whatever of them work?

Whipple says she knows of Alone two dietary Add-ons for Unisexual Disfunction that Rich Someone been Unnatural in double-blind, placebo-controlled Runs: ArginMax and Zestra. The ArginMax Run looked at the Add-on's effect on Unisexual desire, Spell the Zestra Cogitation looked at its effect on Unisexual arousal (libido is intact, but the woman has Difficulty becoming or maintaining aroused).

ArginMax appeared to not Alone Rich Someone a positive effect on women's libido, but Besides Appearanceed Atonement with Gender lives -- an important, but Oft Unnoticed Agent, says Whipple.

Polan was one of the researchers involved in the studies on ArginMax. She says the Add-on is Dependable for women to try on their Ain, but she Nonmoving recommends that they 1st check in with their physicians.

"You don't want to Girl what a doctor may pick up," says Polan. "You want to make Confident In that location is not Whatsoever Constitutional, or Metabolous, or physical reason for [the lack of Unisexual desire]."

Plus, it is important to make Confident that herbal ingredients don't negatively interact with Whatever medications you may be Attractive, says Whipple. For example, ArginMax contains Maidenhair tree, which can promote Haemorrhage. It is not an ingredient that would mix well with blood thinners Much as Empirin or Coumadin.

Leiblum Far warns that the FDA doesn't regulate Biological ingredients. "Women may be Acquiring very high levels, or very low levels, or Altogether zero levels of these Questionable herbs."

Instead of looking at herbal remedies for lost libido, she recommends Attractive Someone-inventory. "It's More important to try to Pattern out why you lost [your libido], instead of Difficult to Discovery a quick fix."

Looking Within

Changes in Life style, attitude, and relationships may not be bought in drugstores, but experts say they hold keys to unlocking libido woes.

"For women, Gender drive is critically dependent on being Wellnessy and really Impression Skilled about a relationship. There will never be Whateverthing that we'll be able to pull out of our medicine cabinet that will be More important than those two Matters," says Shifren.

Part of being physically and emotionally Wellnessy is having a Cognizant dose of realism. It's Sane to Rich Someone low libido, says Ellison. In fact, she says it's Surrealistic to expect to Smel a burst of desire all the Clip, as Appearancen on TV.

In real life, where people are in long-term, one-on-one relationships with jobs, commutes, and kids, she says Unisexual drive isn't always present.

Instead of looking for libido, Ellison recommends creating opportunities to make Clip Unneurotic Particular. "Maybe what you Demand to look for is a way to be More interested in your partner," she says.

Taking part in Pleasant activities Much as walking with a partner, Hearing to Euphony, having a Drinking glass of wine, Attractive a bath, or reading a romance Original can Besides help put women in the Climate for Gender. These activities can help women Teddy into their "sex Someone" from their role as Female parent, Married woman, employer, or employee, says Ellison.

It would Besides help women to be More pleasure-oriented rather than goal-oriented with Gender. "Right now we Rich Someone women Just into a male linear Exemplary of Unisexual response: desire, arousal, and Climax. But women don't work that way," says Whipple. "Sometimes holding Somebody's Bridge player and being held and kissed is all [women] want, and it Smels Skilled. So enjoy that. Enjoy what you enjoy."

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