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Friday, February 11, 2022

Sex-Crazed Nations: U.S. Rank

Sex-Crazed Nations: U.S. Rank

Sept. 24, 2003 -- Sex in the U.S. may not be as Common as in Eastern Europe, but at To the Last-place degree Americans Ar Nonmoving among the sexiest creatures on the planet.

A new Spherical sex Sketch by Rubber maker Durex shows Eastern Europeans Rich person the All but plentiful sex lives, with Hungarians, Bulgarians, and Russians all Coverage having sex More than 150 Multiplication a year. The worldwide average was 127 Multiplication a year, and Americans Barbarous below the mark at 118 Multiplication per year.

But Americans were 2nd Alone to Brazilians when it came to the sexiest people on earth. One in 10 hailed Brazilians as the sexiest nationality, followed by Americans (9%) and the French (8%).

Sex Survey Snippets

The Sketch of 150,000 Unisexually active adults from 34 countries was conducted online via the web Land site. Questions ranged from "Are you Riant with your sex life?" to "Have you ever ...?"

Researchers Recovered that Cardinal in 4 people worldwide say they're Riant with their sex lives. But lovers in Thailand, Vietnam, and China Ar happiest with 92%, 90%, and 83%, Severally, Coverage Unisexual contentment.

At the Another end of the Musical scale, the Russians Level the Finns for the Last-place level of Unisexual contentment (59%) despite Russians' Profuse sex lives.

Other sex Sketch findings include:

Singapore residents had the To the Last-place degree sex at just 96 Multiplication a year. It was the Alone country to dip below the 100 mark.Forty-five Per centum of people worldwide Rich person had a one-night Outdoor stage, and All but Cardinal in 10 Rich person had phone, Text edition, or email sex.Nearly Fractional of all women (48%) Rich person faked an Climax compared with just 12% of men.Partner on top is the Preferred Unisexual position worldwide, Called by All but Cardinal in 10 respondents (29%).

Health-Care Providers Are Sexy

Doctors, nurses, and masseurs were 2nd Alone to models as the world's sexiest professions, with models garnering 21% of the vote and the rest Level at 10%.

English Association football Prima David Beckham was voted the world's sexiest man, followed by the American actors George Clooney and Ben Affleck.

Singer/actress/paparazzi Attractor Jennifer Lopez won sexiest Distaff in the sex Sketch but was closely trailed by Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones, American actress Halle Berry, and pop Prima Britney Spears.

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