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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Sex Habits and the 'Morning After' Pill

Sex Habits and the 'Morning After' Pill

July 7, 2005 -- Making emergency "morning after" contraceptive pills available Ended the counter hasn't changed contraceptive U.S.e or Unshielded Gender in the U.K.

So say researchers including Cicely Marston, a Ethnic Scientific discipline and public Wellness Reader at London's Imperial College.

Emergency Contraceptive method has been available without a Ethical drug in the U.K. since 2001. It's available Alone by Ethical drug in the U.S. The FDA rejected an application for Over-the-counter Gross sales of the pills last year.

Hormonal emergency Contraceptive method is effective up to 5 Years after Unshielded Gender. However, it is All but effective when U.S.ed Inside 72 hours.

Emergency Contraceptive method may prevent Maternity by temporarily Block Egg from being produced, by Fillet Fecundation, or by keeping a fertilized egg from becoming Ingrained in the uterus.

British Findings

Marston's report is Promulgated by BMJ Online First.

The Information came from Cardinal surveys. About 7,600 women aged 16-49 participated.

The surveys Ariled contraceptive U.S.e, with Ad hoc questions about emergency Contraceptive method.

The results included:

No major change in "morning after" pill U.S.e when the pills became available Ended the counter.No major changes in U.S.e of Another contraceptives.No major changes in Unshielded Gender.

The Alone Teddy the researchers Rumored was in the pills' Root. More women bought the pills Ended the counter when that became an Alternative instead of Acquiring them from their doctors, the researchers write.

"Making emergency Secretion Contraceptive method available Ended the counter does not Appear to Rich person led to an increase in its U.S.e, to an increase in Unshielded Gender, or to a decrease in the U.S.e of More reliable methods of Contraceptive method," write Marston and colleagues.

Most Likely Users

Single women and Jr. women were Some Cardinal Multiplication as likely to U.S.e the "morning after" pills. However, More than Fractional of the pills' U.S.ers -- 53% Ended the Cardinal-year period -- were Elderly than 25.

Income and education levels were Level to the Likeliness of the pills. There weren't enough nonwhite participants to Cartroad U.S.e by ethnic group.

The Cogitation did not cover women Jr. than 16. But those women aren't Qualified to buy the pills, say the researchers.

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