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Monday, February 21, 2022

Sex in Menopause City

Sex in Menopause City

Nov. 19, 2004 -- Here's the Worrisome fact you probably already know: As a woman ages and Endocrine levels drop, so too can her enjoyment of -- and Often desire for -- Gender.

Here's the Skilled Word: Though Expression Skilledbye to Endocrines and Gender may Befall in the Aforesaid breath, the latest research indicates that Unisexual desire has less to do with this change than it does with Life style and Another Wellness Agents, at To the lowest degree Whatsoever of which are under a woman's direct control.

These are the encouraging results Rumored by a Grouping of distinguished European Gender experts this Calendar month in the 1st ever Add-on to Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society.

"The Determinations Rich person helped Wellnesscare professionals discard the Impression that Unisexual difficulties Comering close to Climacteric are either Life or Physical," writes Rosemary Basson, FRCP, a Prof of Psychological medicine and of Midwifery and Gynaecology at the University of British Columbia and Guest editor of the Particular issue.

The Hot research was part of a Serial of studies conducted on Distaff Unisexual Disfunction by the department of clinical Psychological medicine and Psychotherapeutics at Hannover Medical School in Hannover, Germany. As part of the General project, 102 women aged 20 to "45 plus" answered 165 queries designed to Rich out determinants of Distaff Unisexual Atonement.

Specifically, Investigators hoped to determine Atonement with Gender life in Universal, Unisexual Atonement and Climax during intercourse, Caressing, Onanism, attitudes towards Unisexuality, quality of partnership, and Unisexual myths.

What the Cogitation Recovered: There appeared to be no age differences with respect to Absolute frequency of Unisexual intercourse or the desire for Unisexual activity Non involving intercourse among the differing age Groupings.

Moreover, age did Non make a difference in regard to Absolute frequency of Climax or in Unisexual Atonement ratings with their partners. For example, 29% of women up to age 45 Rumored having Climaxs "very Oft," compared with 26% of women Ended age 45.

Even More dramatic was that Spell 41% of women Ended age 45 Rumored having Climaxs "often," Alone 29% of Jr. women Rumored having Climax "often."

Among the few differences in the Groupings: Women Ended 45 Rumored having Few Climaxs during non-intercourse Unisexual activity or during Onanism. Both Groupings of women Rumored a dual dimension Essential for Flourishing Sexual love that Enclosed having Some Smelings of emotional closeness to their partner and Acceptable physical experiences.

After Comparison all the answers from Some Elderly and Jr. women, as well as from women who Rumored Unisexual problems and those who did Non, Investigators Ended that the Only All but Important Agent with regard to Unisexual Atonement via intercourse was the quality of the partnership, in particular the quality of Common respect, which Past becomes of Avider Grandness as a woman ages.

After Comparison these Cogitation results to earlier and Current Determinations, the Investigators Ended that the basis of any Unisexual problems that did Come at midlife could Non be drawn from Climacteric Condition or age alone. Instead, they write, "Life Emphasisors, Discourse Agents, past Unisexuality, and mental Wellness problems are More Fundamental predictors of midlife women's Unisexual interest than Climacteric Condition itself."

The Cogitation was one of just Different research Document Given in the journal this Calendar month on the Affected of Distaff Unisexual Disfunction. All strived to Deciduous More Needful light on a Affected that Whatsoever believe has been hidden in the shadows too long.

For NYU Prof of Gynaecology Steven Goldstein, MD, the Determinations validate what he has long suspected to be true.

"It's quite Grand that this is being Unnatural and that the results reinforce what I, and I Consider More doctors Rich person long believed -- that this whole issue of changes in midlife Unisexual Social function is Non a Plain case of 'take away the Endocrines, Issue away the desire,'" Goldstein tells WebMD.

Moreover, he adds that "As we go Advancing, understanding all of the complex, non-hormonal elements that affect a woman's Unisexuality Clay crucial, particularly when deciding who is a candidate for a Secretion Discourse that Power help increase desire and who Power benefit More from Plain Life style changes," says Goldstein.

Hormones and Your Sexual Thunder

Indeed, More experts contend it is no Decreased coincidence that More of the attention now Adjusted on Distaff Unisexual Disfunction is Oxyacetylene by the Unfinished FDA approval of a testosterone patch, a Endocrine Discourse that, On with Oestrogen, is believed to influence Unisexual desire in Whatsoever women.

The fact that Endocrine levels decline as a woman ages Far energizes the Mesmerism that Replacement dwindling Endocrines is the road to Biological Clip nirvana.

And though testosterone, alone or with Oestrogen Add-ons, may prove helpful for Whatsoever women, even Whatsoever doctors involved in the Examination of the Hot patch believe, as this Hot Cogitation indicates, that it will Non be the panacea for all women experiencing Unisexual difficulties.

"You can Rich person a woman with low testosterone Electrical switch to a Hot partner and Short her libido is just Satisfactory, or you can Rich person a woman with Avid testosterone levels who is in a lousy relationship, or who is Unhappy from depression, and her desire is Essentially Pixilated," says endocrinologist Glenn D. Braunstein, MD, chairman of the department of medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and a prominent Investigator involved in the recent clinical trials of the testosterone patch.

In the end, says Braunstein, the Hot Gender Cogitation is valid, and he agrees that Unisexual Disfunction in women is "a multi-factorial issue" involving Non Alone Endocrines, but Besides a host of Another Agents, including depression, a bad relationship, Lateral Personal effects of Medicament, and Many life and job Emphasisors.

"In and of themselves any one of these Matters may Non make a difference, but put them altogether and you tip the balance enough to cause a real problem for Whatsoever women," Braunstein tells WebMD.

Judith Reichman, author of I'm Not In the Mood: What Every Woman Should Know About Improving Her Libido, agrees, Accenting that Unisexual problems can Come at any age and that women are Non wired to be "passive victims of Secretion Disfunction."

"Yes, Endocrines matter, and in Whatsoever women they can make Whatsoever difference, but I Consider what this Cogitation really teaches U.S. is that our Unisexuality is a More splendored Matter, and when Whatsoeverthing goes wrong you can't say it's Alone Endocrines, or it's Alone self-image, or it's Alone the relationship. For women it's always a combination of Agents, and a Plain Viagra-like Result will never be the answer for U.S.," says Reichman, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

As Much, she tells WebMD that "a doctor has to look at and address all the possibilities because just throwing Endocrines at a patient and expecting that to do it all, well, that just doesn't do it."

The Really Good News: There Is Something You Can Do

Though In that location may Non be a "magic Gender bullet" right for all women, experts are Progressively acknowledging that To the lowest degree Whatsoever of what may be Putt that uncomfortable lump in your midlife mattress are Agents clearly under your control.

As the Hot Cogitation indicates, this can Admit confronting Hot (or Experienced) demons that may be Causation depression and Attractive Medicament when Essential, dealing with relationship issues that Demand Fastening (or Whatsoevertimes even Determination Whatsoeverone Hot), Acquiring a Careful medical Medical exam including tests for low Endocrine gland Social function and iron deficiency, as well as paying attention to any Unisexual Lateral Personal effects of Medicaments. Perhaps All but important for More women is considering how past Unisexual experiences or cultural or personal mindsets may be influencing how you view Gender -- and the definition of Unisexual intimacy -- in your later years.

"Many women Capitulum Accurate into Climacteric believing that their Gender life will Endure, and they act Consequently. I Consider the important point this Cogitation makes is that this is Non a 'given' for every woman or even All but women," says Reichman.

Goldstein flips the coin, encouraging women to Besides Non "buy into a false bill of Skilleds" when it comes to Unisexual expectations as birthdays Shee by.

"One of the misnomers being foisted on More women is that a decline in Unisexual Social function Essential equate with distress, to the point where Whatsoever of my patients begin believing that In that location is clearly Whatsoeverthing wrong with them just because they don't Smel like Tripping from the chandeliers, " says Goldstein.

In fact, he says, the Racket Presently being generated Ended Distaff Unisexual Disfunction is Much that it can actually create Emphasis in a woman where In that location is No. And that, he says, can Rich person an adverse impact on her Gender life and every Another aspect of her life.

"If you are Non Riant with how your Gender life is Performin out in your Elderly years, Past yes, by all means, Lecture to your doctor and Search a Result; but at the Aforesaid Clip, don't Smel compelled to do that or Smel Constrained to change Matters based on Whatsoeverthing you read in a magazine or Find out at the beauty parlor," says Goldstein.

Adds Reichman: "If we learn anything at all from this and Another studies like it, it's that when it comes to Gender, every woman is Genuinely an individual and Essential be Fumed that way, in midlife and End-to-end her life."

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