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Monday, February 14, 2022

The period of sex

The period of sex

June 9, 2004 -- Your parents or sex education Instructor may Rich person told you that it Alone Issues a Only act of Unshielded sex to make a baby, but new research Evokes it may be More More likely than they thought.

A new Cogitation shows that Unisexual activity tends to peak during a woman's All but Strong Clip, which means the chances of becoming pregnant from a Only Unshielded sex act are higher.

In the Cogitation, Investigators examined patterns of Unisexual activity in relationship to ovulation. They Recovered that sex was 24% More Common during the All but Strong Years of the women's Unit of time cycle.

"There apparently are biological factors promoting intercourse during a woman's six Strong Years, whether she wants a baby or Non," says Investigator Allen Wilcox of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Durham, N.C., in a Word release.

"It's Non uncommon for a doctor to Find out from an Sadly pregnant patient that she and her partner had Affected a chance 'just this Formerly,'" says Wilcox. "It may be easy to dismiss Much claims, but our Information Evoke these women are probably Weighty the truth."

The results appear in the current issue of Human Reproduction.

Sex Peaks During Women's Fertile Days

The Cogitation involved 68 Unisexually active women who Unbroken a diary of Unisexual intercourse and provided daily Pee samples for Cardinal Calendar months. All of the women were Exploitation an intrauterine device or had had a Anatomical structure ligation to protect against pregnancy.

Previous research has shown that the 5 Years leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation are the Years in a woman's Expelling cycle when she is All but Strong. Increasing the Absolute frequency of Unisexual intercourse during these Years increases the chance of pregnancy.

Researchers say that in mammals, this Strong period is Oft coordinated with intercourse Direct fluctuations in libido, and in Whatsoever animals, ovulation is Befalls as a result of intercourse. But neither of these biological mechanisms has been established in humans.

However, this Cogitation Evokes that Whatsoever of those Aforesaid forces of nature may Besides affect the Unisexual behavior of men and women.

Researchers Recovered Unisexual intercourse peaked just before and on the day of ovulation among this Grouping of women, even though they did Non wish to become pregnant. The General Absolute frequency of sex was 24% higher on the women's six All but Strong Years of the Calendar month compared with the rest of the Years of the cycle.

The General Absolute frequency of sex Directout the cycle was about Double a week. But during the six Strong Years it was about two and a Fractional Clips per week compared with Slenderly less than Double a week for the rest of the Calendar month.

"It Evokes that couples who 'take a chance' with Unshielded intercourse Rich person the deck Shapely against them," says Wilcox. "Intercourse apparently does Non Befall Arbitrarily. It's More likely to Come on the Strong Years, even though the average woman won't know when these Years are."

Wilcox offers Cardinal possible explanations for the findings based on previous studies:

An increase in the woman's libido at ovulationAn increase in the woman's Unisexual Attraction due to Delicate Behavioural cues from the woman or possibly due to the production of pheromones during ovulationIntercourse Fast ovulation

"It's remarkable that the biological forces Formative this intimate aspect of human behavior Rich person At peace Mostly unrecognized," says Wilcox. "In part, this may be because the effect on intercourse is Coy. But it's Besides because we just Rich personn't paid More attention."

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