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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Unhappy Marriage Raises Women's Heart Risk

Unhappy Marriage Raises Women's Heart Risk

May 13, 2005 -- For married women, a Riant Fondness is a Able Fondness.

A Bi of studies Rich person shown that marriage is Skilled for men's Wellness. Oddly, that doesn't Appear to be Literal for women unless they are in Riant marriages, More recent research Evokes.

Why? Women in Rewarding relationships are less likely to Rich person a dangerous cluster of Fondness risk factors called the Metabolous syndrome than women Discontented with their marriage, according to a new Cogitation by Wendy M. Troxel and colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh and San Diego State University.

"Married women who Rumored consistent Marital status dissatisfaction were at higher risk of developing the Metabolous syndrome than those who Rumored consistent Marital status Atonement," Troxel and colleagues write in the May 9 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Widowhood, Marital Dissatisfaction Hard on Women's Health

Troxel and colleagues analyzed Information from More than 400 Able women who entered the Cogitation at ages 42 to 50, with an average age of 47. Nearly all the women were non-Hispanic whites.

Researchers analyzed the women Once again 11.5 years later. After Dominant for Another factors that affect Metabolous syndrome, they Recovered: Marital dissatisfaction tripled a woman's Betting odds of having the Metabolous syndrome. Widowed women were 5.7 Multiplication More likely to Rich person the Metabolous syndrome than married women who were Content with their relationship. Divorced and Only women were Double as likely to Rich person the Metabolous syndrome than Content married women -- but the results were not statistically Fundamental.

"Interestingly, the comparisons Betwixt Marital statusly Content women and Only women were not statistically Fundamental, Peradventure because of the diversity of experiences of Only women," Troxel and colleagues Evoke.

Also Exciting is the Determination that women who were Discontented with their marriage at one Clip but not at Anothers did not Rich person higher Fondness risk. This Evokes that Alone long-term dissatisfaction hurts women's Wellness.

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