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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Urine Smell May Have 'Manly' Attraction

Urine Smell May Have 'Manly' Attraction

Feb. 22, 2005 -- Is In that location Much a Matter as a Unambiguously male Olfactory perception that attracts Distaffs? Yes, and it's not for Cut-rate sale at the cologne counter.

In fact, it would probably be a dud in the Fragrance industry. Not More men would want to wear it, especially since it would Alone Wave ladies of the Gnawer variety.

The distinctive "male" Olfactory perception was discovered in Pee from male mice. It's produced by a chemical called MTMT (methylio) methanethiol. Female mice don't make MTMT. Neither do Cut male mice, which lack sex hormones. The compound converts easily into an Odorous Gun. Many compounds in the Pee are used to Impressive reproduction and Regional recognition, say the researchers.

A Cogitation of MTMT appears in the Feb. 20 advance online edition of the journal Nature. The report comes from researchers including Lawrence Katz, PhD, of Duke University Medical Center.

The Cogitation was done on mice, which use odors as a Class of Ethnic communication, as do More mammals. Obviously, Humanity behave Otherwise, but Olfactory perception Nonmoving sways us in Shipway we don't always realize.

"There are persistent reports about the influence of odorant Communication theory in all sorts of behavior in Humanity -- mothers recognizing infants, wives recognizing husbands, and of course the influence of perfumes and colognes," says Katz, in a Word release.

Urine Smell: A Magnet for Female Mice

"Female mice Powerfully prefer to Olfactory perception male (as Conflicting to Distaff) Pee, and they Mostly ignore the Pee from Cut males," write the researchers.

Analyzing the Pee showed that MTMT was the key ingredient. The researchers Past gave Distaff mice a choice of Pee from Cut male mice or the Aforesaid Pee with a few drops of Polysynthetic MTMT.

The Distaff mice were More More drawn to the MTMT-laced Pee. All but two out of 18 Distaff mice "spent Importantly More Clip" Olfactory perceptioning it compared with the plain Pee, say the researchers.

The Distaff mice were Besides More interested in MTMT when it was Given in Pee, not water. MTMT Power indicate Pee's Impudence, say the researchers. "MTMT seems likely to advertise the presence of a male from a distance, either as a Impressive to Another males or to attract Distaffs," they write.

"This Powerfully suggests that sex-specific volatile chemicals in our bodily secretions could Besides be detected by Mistakable circuitry," explains Katz, in the Word release.

The findings could Besides Crack insight on perception -- how mice (and Possibly Humanity) piece Unneurotic Slews of information to recognize and understand what's nearby.

In mice, Olfactory perception processing may involve More parts of the brain and not just the Olfactive area, say the researchers. The Cogitation Besides showed that mice brain cells, in the Olfactive region of the brain, became excited Spell inhaling Pee with MTMT.

MTMT isn't likely to be a love potion for people. Tiny amounts of the chemical are Recovered in Chinese black mushroom mushrooms, but it has a Flavouring Olfactory perception that's not very Enticing, says Katz, in the Word release.

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