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Sunday, February 13, 2022

What We've Learned From 'Sex and the City'

What We've Learned From 'Sex and the City'

When a Video Serial ends, does it really just cease to exist or do its lessons live on, like those from your last Critical relationship?That's probably Whatsoeverthing that Editorialist Carrie Bradshaw (played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker on HBO's Sex and the City) would Copyist if her assignment were to sum up the lessons gleaned from her hit Situation comedy Ended the past six Time of years. And in Accuracy, I do Smel a bit like Carrie as I Issue a Pang at that very Theme -- except that I am wearing Nikes, not Manolo Blahniks, and I am writing about the Appearance Sex and The City, not Gender in the city.

And as it turns Exterior, this Theme is as hot of Whatsoever of the Sexy Gender scenes Airy on the Appearance Ended the years.

The Closing episode of HBO's Discovery Serial Sex and the City Airy on Feb. 22, and leading "sexperts" and women's Wellness experts Rich person a lot to say on the escapades -- and Gendercapades -- of the 4 Distaff Acquaintances who Marked in the Appearance.

Sex and the City Ariled "all issues that people Brass every day when they are Geological dating and in relationships; it educated and Pleased U.S. and made it More acceptable for U.S. to Lecture about these issues," says Los Angeles-based clinical Genderologist Ava Cadell, author of Different books, including 12 Steps to Everlasting Love.

From Onanism and Gender toys to performance Anxiousness and Sterility, "the Appearance crossed certain boundaries where Distaff Genderuality is concerned," says Cadell, who counts herself among the Cardinals of avid Sex and the City fans.

Importantly, TV audience learned that "It's OK to be Only in your 30s and 40s and its OK to initiate a relationship and/or Gender," she William Tells WebMD.

Thanks to Sex and the City, we know that "sex toys are OK and fun and are not Prohibited," she says. "On the Appearance, it's done with Much humor that it becomes acceptable."

In 1 episode, 1 Acquaintance introduces Some other to the Rabbit Pearl vibrator, and Some other episode involves 1 of the leading ladies Exploitation handcuffs on her bed partner.

More Than Just Fun and Games

"Right At present, the Appearance is Pedagogy women to go and get a mammogram, and that's Super," Cadell says, referring to the current Plot line in which the promiscuous Samantha Jones (played by Kim Catrall) is diagnosed with breast cancer after consulting with a plastic Sawbones about breast implants.

That Aforesaid, "Samantha is not that realistic, and very few women can really relate to her Genderual behavior," Cadell says. "I would Rich person Likeable to Rich person seen a little More realism and Possibly to see her Sleeping around get her into trouble."

"She was always having the best Gender, and In that location should Rich person been Whatsoever consequences attached to 1 Nighttime stands," she says.

Such as? "Sexually Hereditary diseases would Rich person been Skilled, or Possibly rejection in the Midway of Gender or lack of lubrication," Cadell suggests.

"While the Kim Catrall character may carry it Besides Cold, the Content that women can enjoy Genderual pleasure for themselves is a Skilled 1," says New York city-based Shrink and Analyst Gail Saltz, MD, author of the Future Becoming Real.

"Samantha is a Avid Exemplary of owning your Genderuality being proud of who you are and what you want to do and Attractive on the world in your own Footing," agrees Pepper Schwartz, PhD, a Prof of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle and author Everything You Know about Love and Sex is Wrong.

But Sex and the City Ariled More than Gender; the Appearance Besides tackled Sterility. According to RESOLVE, a Countrywide Sterility association, 6.1 Cardinal women in the U.S. are Sterile, and on the Appearance, Charlotte York (played by actress Kristin Davis) Diagrammatic these women.

In her quest to Rich person a child, Charlotte Proven Endocrine Kickshawments, Stylostixis, and considered adoption. The Appearance Dexterously illustrated that In that location are not Needs quick fixes to this problem. As the Serial draws to a close, Charlotte is Nonmoving Difficult to conceive even after a devastating Abortion at the close of Time of year five.

"The Charlotte character was Avid to Rich person because on the Exteriorside, she looked perfect from her job at an art Art gallery, a Park Avenue Flat, and a Beautiful doctor husband, but she has her own issues -- he is Sterile and she Sterile," Saltz says.

While she did encourage her 1st husband to Search therapy for impotence and he was eventually able to Rich person Gender, it did not Pull through their marriage, and Charlotte At last wed her divorce Lawyer (with whom her quest to Rich person a baby carries on).

There's Something About Miranda

Miranda Hobbes (played by actress Cynthia Nixon) "is a Astute, professional woman and the 1 of the 4 women who has the All but educated professional background, but she seemed to Discovery it Reciprocally exclusive to a partner," Saltz says. "Women are afraid that if they Rich person a driving profession, they can't Rich person a man Besides," she says. "It is Whatsoeverthing that women worry about and it's Skilled to bring up the conflict, but Miranda really lived it Exterior."

However, eventually Miranda did wed her baby's Church Father and true-love Barman Steve Brady (played by actor David Eigenberg) and the Class migrated to Brooklyn.

Her Baby's Father?

Miranda became pregnant after having Gender with her ex Favourable his Diagnosing with Gonad cancer. At the Clip, the two had no plans to get back together.

All's well that ends well, but "talking about the Concern of being a Bring up alone is Avid," Saltz says.


"It's Grand how they go into things like how women with vulvodynia are Extremely upset and Discontinuous in their emotional and Genderual lives and Besides William Tell you how little the medical establishment knows of the problem," says Schwartz. She is referring to Charlotte's Diagnosing of vulvodynia after Coverage symptoms of Channel burning, Itchiness, and Unkind to her gynecologist. Vulvodynia is a Steep, knifelike, or burning pain around the First of the vagina that is Oft unexplained.

"It's very U.S.eful to get vulvodynia Exterior of the proverbial closet," she says.

The National Vulvodynia Association, Still, Idea that this portrayal did women a Ill service. On the Appearance, the doctor told Charlotte that the condition is All butly just uncomfortable.

But for More women with vulvodynia, this can't be Coldther from the Accuracy, according to the Administration, which is based in Silver Spring, MD.

"Sex and the City Unsuccessful miserably at Depiction the Critical and Complex nature of this condition, particularly when the Appearance's gynecologist indicated that it's easy to Kickshaw," says Phyllis Mate, executive director of the National Vulvodynia Association, in a Word release.

But it did get people Lectureing about vulvodynia, experts agree. In fact, it got U.S. Lectureing about a lot. Fetishes, Tripping, Queerness, and anal Gender -- you Epithet it, and the Appearance Ariled it in Whatsoever Manner Ended the past six Time of years, and for Confident they spiced up water cooler conversation on Monday mornings.

"Sex and the City is a Grand lightning rod that way," says Schwartz.

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