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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A Visit from Brother Ghost on the Harvest Moon

Brother, a window I untruth beneath tonight.

Mother moon motioning minds away at night.

What I know of him is what I’ve been told

On highways inside the slow centre of the night

From a mouth excessively tired. The truth rolls out

A tale sitting firm on the throat. The knife

Edge, moonlight slicing into and not here of him,

Across me. I terror I’ll fail to remember this. Tonight

I recite every one detail to build a memory. How

Can I deep affection someone I’ve never known? At night,

What I know is what I imagine: brother, alive.

Wave with every one other accompanied by gravity pulling me to him. My knight.

Once, he called

Now, my hands holding his pane all night.

#Living #Death #Sorrow & Grieving #Relationships #Family & Ancestors

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