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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Blues for Hal Waters

My head, my secret cranial guitar, strung accompanied by myths plucked from

Yesterday's straits, it's buried inside robes of echoes, my eyes breezeless bags, lacquered to inside attendance a glint . . .

My marble lips, entry to that cave, where visions renounce renunciation,

Eternity has moist sidewalks, angels are busted for intoxicated flying.

I only want privacy to create an illusion of me blotted out.

His high hopes were placed inside his coffin. Long paddles of esteem for his symbol canoe.

If I go to the stars, forward my letters c/o God, Heaven, Lower East Side.

Too late for skindiving with every one other accompanied by other modern philosophies, place my ego inside storage.

The moon is excessively near my family, with every one other accompanied by the craters are chilly inside winter,

Let's go to the sun, heated water, radiant heating, exceptional colors,

Knife-handle convenience, adjacent to God, population melting free.

Eskimos have frozen secrets inside their noses with every one other accompanied by have chopped down the North Pole.

The Last Buffalo will exist torpedoed by an atomic submarine, firing hydrogen tiepins.

God is my favorite dictator, flat though he refuses to clasp without charge elections.

I fret concerning the padlock I painted on.

My hair is overrun accompanied by crabgrass, parts of my anatomy are still unexplored.

No additional harp sessions for me; I am going to hell with every one other accompanied by hear some good jazz.

Do you hear the good news, Terry with every one other accompanied by the Pirates are not really real.

If you price the ease of your fellow worshippers, don't die inside church.

Why disintegration our eyes accompanied by TV, let's design freeways following dinner tonight.

He strength have lost some friends, nevertheless Jesus could have made a fortune on that aqua to vin de table formula.

History is the only appointment book God keeps, with every one other accompanied by important human being threw it on the bonfire.

The day of the Big Game at Hiroshima. The moon is a dual agent.

This year the animals are holding their earliest "Be sort to people" week.

The Siamese cats will not take part with every one other accompanied by will clasp their own convention inside Egypt. The civilized world fears they may try to place Pharoah spine inside place on the throne.

For God's sake, Hal, jam the radio. Trip them accompanied by your guitar.

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