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Monday, March 28, 2022

Bruce Banner #3

I never missed that $60,

I could pay not here it easily.

I tin lay clasp of the stairs,

I have fingers with every one other accompanied by tin use buttons.

Before lightning there should exist thunder

And if there’s not, it’s still ok.

It was 2 p.m. with every one other accompanied by I saw a crane standing inside a creek.

It was 3:40 with every one other accompanied by I saw an owl staring at me.

I rode my bike for 5 hours while I watched a sundial.

When I was fishing

I told every one go fishing sorry,

Kissed them on the mouth

And threw them all back.

Think concerning this:

Everything I experience

Popped not here of my head.

In the afterlife I hope

All of my pets are there.

There is no indeed incorrect way to mourn

We’re drinking the same aqua while the dinosaurs.

I’m a superhero,

A greenish man

Who gets angry,

Runs into and not here of peoples lives

And destroys each item they own,

Insurance doesn’t cover acts of god.

#Social Commentaries #Popular Culture

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