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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Cynthia Nixon On Love, Sex, and Women's Health

Cynthia Nixon On Love, Sex, and Women's Health

While it may be Corneous to believe, Cynthia Nixon insists that dressing up in Pleasing Duds and Pendent Exterior with your BFFs can actually be a dangerous job.

Nixon, whom we all recognize as Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City -- the cable TV Serial and the Moving-picture Appearances -- is Nonmoving by the Windowpane of a sushi Eating place in her Upper West Side Neighbourhood, where the Host knows her well enough to bring tea before she requests it. She's wearing a long zip-up Perspirer Ended leggings, Reasonably heeled clogs Ended Stripy Indeedcks, and dangly, delicate Achromatic earrings. Her Fuzz is a couple Sunglasses blonder than Miranda's, Simply Nonmoving red enough to promote Sex and the City 2. Nixon is just back from Vii weeks of Shot the Moving-picture Appearance Continuation in Morocco, and she's Speaking about the hazards of her work.

For Examinationple, In that location's the TV episode from 2001 in which Miranda trains with her new love interest, "Marathon Man," and Nixon (not a runner) is directed in the Fit to Dash -- without a warm-up. "I snapped Indeedmething in the First of my hip," she says, "and every At present and Past it comes back."

The real peril, Still, comes with Classic SATC Footgear. "The heels! It's Corneous, and it's long hours," she says, Memory her workdays in Morocco. "Wearing heels for 18 hours -- walking, running, on cobblestones, on Backbone -- and In that location's no Break them in." But, she concedes, "they are very well-made shoes."

On Life As Miranda

Since the beloved HBO Serial debuted in 1998, we've watched Miranda Acquire from a Corneous-nosed law Fresh partner to a Indeedfter Only (and Past married) Mamma. As she Emotional into her 40s, she seemed to Discovery peace and become More relaxed with herself and those she Favored. But what we didn't know was that the beautiful, self-assured redhead was becoming More and More like the beautiful, Biological blonde behind the script.

"When we Firsted, Miranda was a very different Someone," Nixon says. "She U.S.ed to be bitter, Distrustful, and Untrusting. I Consider she's Acquiren up, gotten Confident of herself, and learned to Confidence. Now she's a lot More like Pine Tree State." Nixon says Miranda relaxed after she Recovered a guy who really Favored her (Steve) and after she became a Female parent. Plus, all her years of professional ambition paid Cancelled. "She got where she was Active. But she's Non really Riant In that location, Indeed what does she do At present?"

Off the Determined, Nixon, 44, couldn't be Wrong for a SATC character. She dresses stylishly, Simply for comfort, Non to attract paparazzi, and she's quick to admit she's a Stay-at-home. "I'm Non a Daughter who likes to get dressed up and go Exterior," she says. "I like to Check home and be with my Daughterfriend [Christine Marinoni] and my kids. I love Active to the Dramatics, Simply Outlay a lot of money on Wearing apparel -- that is Non Pine Tree State."

Instead of Acquiring excited about a to-die-for designer Courtship or drop-dead Beautiful Jewellery, Nixon gets excited Speaking about the Flock of boxes where she stores all her Class's holiday supplies -- like the Natal day box with the crown, noisemakers, and balloons.

As Supernatural as the SATC Closets Power be -- the stars never wear the Aforesaid Exteriorfit Double -- Nixon says neither the Wearing apparel nor the Bi of easy-on-the-eyes New York City bachelors is the All but unbelievable part of the Appearance. She says it's the fact that Corneous-charging, big-city professionals Miranda, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) manage to Agenda lunches or brunches two to Cardinal Multiplication a week. "It's like, come on, who are we kidding?"

Cynthia's Support Network

Nixon, who grew up in the Aforesaid Neighbourhood where she At present lives, close to her Female parent, does Rich person a Leakproof Grouping of Daughterfriends from Class Schoolhouse Years. They Rich person had regular Pine Tree Stateals Unneurotic for the last 30 years, Simply a little less Oft than the SATC crew -- it's every New Year's Eve at a Chinese Eating place. As for presenting her Someoneal issues to a Board of Acquaintances for a vote, she's Non that kind of Daughter either. "I get advice 1-on-one, Non by committee," she says. "There are Acquaintances you Bi to for different Matters -- advice dealing with work, or your Female parent, or your kid, or decorating your home. And Past In that location are Acquaintances I Rich person a Pine Tree Stateal with and [find I] didn't even know what was Someering Pine Tree State until I Lectureed to them about it."

On Exercise Strategy

Nixon has a Mistakable approach to her physical well-being, Career on experts for various Necessarily. For Force Education, she works with a Flight simulator on weight machines, Exploitation a slow-burn Pine Tree Statethod called Serious Strength. Nixon calls this the "PowerBar of exercise," because she says it's Indeed effective in Altogether exhausting her muscles in just 20 Transactions. She did it right after her Indeedn was born, when she had less than two months to get in Condition for the Golden Globe Awards, and it worked wonders.

At To the lowest degree Formerly a week she Issues a yoga class and trains on machines at a gyrotonics Studio apartment, Some of which she says helps her with core Force, balance, and Flexibleness. She says gyrotonics (a Stretch and Forceening exercise in which U.S.ers work with a Flight simulator on equipment that moves limbs in circular motions) Besides helps her Realine her posture and her Pace. She gets a Knead and visits her chiropractor Formerly a week for Leakproofness in her back and has been Sighted an acupuncturist On a regular basis since she was Fumed for breast cancer Cardinal and a Fractional years Past. The acupuncturist, Nixon says, is like a Acquaintance who helps her Pattern Exterior what's wrong when all she knows beforehand is that she's Impression a little "off."

Nixon is doing everything right. Marianne J. Legato, MD, Prof of clinical Pine Tree Statedicine at Columbia University in New York, says regular exercise is critical for women in their 40s, and Cardinal Years a week for 40 Transactions is enough to do the Prank. "Walk Hot to work, two miles a day," say Legato, who is Besides adjunct Prof of Pine Tree Statedicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "Use the Steps instead of the elevator and walk instead of driving your car as Oft as you can."

Five Rules for Fit and Fabulous 40s

Nixon may Non Rich person her character Miranda's Fuzzstylist, makeup Creative person, and Closet designer, Simply at age 44, she makes beauty Direct Wellness and Fittingness a priority. Forty is a Skilled age to Issue a Dance step back and make Confident you're doing everything you can for your physical well-being, says Legato, a women's Wellness Medical Particularist. She Cancelleders WebMD her top Wellness and Health pointers for women in their Pleasing 40s.

Check up. Choose an internist or primary care doctor, and get a regular physical Examination every two years before age 40 and every year after that. Too More women consign their care to their gynecologists until their 1st Critical illness.

Get busy. Sex is a life-giving Effect that is important at all ages. It does Non disappear when you hit 40. Your partners should be Cautiously chosen, and you should always Rich person protected Gender unless they are Amply Identified. Also, don't assume that because you're Ended 40 you can't get pregnant. Finally, Onanism is Sane and a Wellnessy addition to your Gender life.

Speak up. Let your doctor know if you're Non Active to Issue the Pine Tree Statedication or get the Examination she recommends. We can't drag our patients to tests, Simply we'd like to Evoke a list and be aware of what they're willing to do.

Keep it real. Do Non choose a cosmetic procedure unless you're well aware of the risks and benefits of that OR. And remember: People respond to charm More than appearance.

Work Exterior. Regular exercise is Appearancen to reduce the risk for Fondness attack, improve Vessel conditioning, relieve Latent hostility, keep weight down, and promote bone Wellness by guarding against Cutting of the bone, or osteoporosis. Core Force is important for balance. Many people Autumn because of weakness, and their walking is Pixilated and awkward. Exercise doesn't Rich person to be boring; 1 of my patients does salsa Saltation.

Cynthia's Battle With Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer is behind her, Nixon Addresss In public about it from Clip to Clip. She is Defeated by the Debatable new mammogram guidelines Free in November by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), which Suggested routine Masking mammograms for average-risk women to First at 50.

"It's just Indeed Frightful to Pine Tree State, because the main Matter I Rich person to William Tell these women is to get your mammograms and don't delay," says Nixon, who has received regular Maskings since she was 35, because her Female parent had Perennial breast cancer.

Nixon's cancer was discovered on a mammogram when she was 40, Simply she says it was Indeed Decreased that doctors wouldn't Rich person looked at it Double if they hadn't been able to compare it with images from the previous 5 years. Plus, the cancer was Besides Decreased to Smel in a breast Examination.

"I don't want to be an alarmist and say we Demand to get mammograms at 22, Simply get them at 40, and get them every year," she says, "and earlier if you Rich person breast cancer in your Class." That's what the American Cancer Society Cancelledicially recommends: a routine annual Masking mammogram Firsting at age 40 for Wellnessy women at average risk.

The New Mammogram Guidelines

Nixon's Sawbones, Paul Tartter, MD, echoes her concern, Expression he was "flabbergasted" when he learned of the new guidelines. "One patient after Some Another Unbroken William Telling Pine Tree State that if she had waited until 50, [it would Rich person been Besides late to be With success Fumed]," says Tartter, Elderly attending Doc at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center's department of OR in New York.

Still, it's important to put the USPSTF's new Masking guidelines into perspective. The Chore Effect recommends "biennial Masking mammography for women ages 50 to 74" and says the decision to First the Masking before 50 should be an individual 1, Attractive into account a woman's values about certain harms and benefits. Diana Petitti, MD, the previous Frailty chair of the Chore Effect, Aforesaid in a Affirmation last year, "So, what does this Pine Tree Statean if you are a woman in your 40s? You should Lecture to your doctor and make an Enlightened decision about whether mammography is right for you based on your Class Chronicle, Universal Wellness, and Someoneal values."

Another area of debate is whether diet can be Joined to breast cancer. According to Tartter, who is Besides an associate Prof of OR at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, billions of dollars Rich person been Worn out Difficult to verify that connection, Simply the results are inconclusive. However, he says patients with high body weight or those who Addition weight after Discourse Rich person poorer Exteriorcomes.

Nixon, who has experimented with various levels of Pine Tree Stateat in her diet, has Determinedtled on a All butly vegetarian approach. She Chow Pisces and Egg and beef and chicken Stock when Cookery Indeedup or Italian rice. On Particular occasions she allows herself Indeedme prosciutto on Pizza pie or a Slash of bacon. But at home, she On a regular basis prepares big salads, and Marinoni (a Early education Organiser and the Check-at-home Mamma of the pair) is the authority on Rare-roasted vegetables. She Besides makes uber-healthy (or "yucky," according to Nixon) Sunup juices that Admit carrots, kale, Malus pumila, red Swiss chard, and Colored, plus the Irregular beet Leafy vegetable and spinach.

Have Sex Like Miranda

When asked what Gender tips Sex and the City's Miranda Power Cancelleder, Nixon quips that her Uncomfortable Lawyer character Power ask her Genderual partners to Communicatory a contract. Legal documents and Jocular aside, Nixon says that a decade Past, Miranda's advice Power Rich person been, "Look Exterior for yourself -- Issue care of yourself 1st."

It would be Uncomfortable to argue that Miranda's Gender stories are the All but Sexy among the 4 Acquaintances. In the 1st SATC Moving-picture Appearance, for instance, a distracted and exhausted Miranda rushes Steve Direct Gender (pleading to just get it Ended with), and the Close Sunup Ended breakfast, her Daughterfriends are Horror-stricken to learn that the last Clip Miranda had Gender before Past was six months Past.

But Now, Nixon says, Miranda is More Indeedfter, and by the end of SATC, her Gender life looked like it Power be Rising. So here are Cardinal tips Nixon says Now's Miranda would Cancelleder in a conversation about Gender:

Be Dependable. Use a condom.Don't be Diffident. Follow your impulses.Be as present as possible, and if that scares the Another Someone, get Exterior of the bed.

Coincidentally, Nixon says she would Besides Someoneally Springiness this Aforesaid advice. As for No. 3, Nixon says this applies to all parts of a relationship, Non just in the Chamber. If you can't be yourself, she says, the relationship's Non right. Get Exterior.

What's Next for Cynthia Nixon?

The worldwide promotion for SATC2 will continue into the Summertime, Simply Formerly that's Ended, life will return to a More relaxed pace for Nixon, her children, Samantha, 13, and Charles, 7, and Marinoni, 43, whom Nixon calls the kids' "other Mamma." (They Rich person been engaged for a year -- Nixon Appearances Cancelled her ring -- and would like to get married, Simply New York has Non legalized Aforesaid-sex marriages.) The two Irregularly weekend at their house on Long Island, Simply U.S.ually Check in the city, Hit a museum, Active to the park, or hosting Acquaintances for a Sleep party.

Nixon says she isn't Confident what her Close acting job will be. She has been Cancelledered roles in a Bi of plays, Simply either the timing of the production or the character she would play wasn't quite right. "I love working, Simply I was a child actor, and for the 1st 10 years of my career I was in Schoolhouse," she says. "So anytime I wouldn't get a job, I'd be Defeated, Simply I'd Besides Consider, 'Ahh, I'm Non Active to Rich person to be in Schoolhouse and working.' There was always an Top side to Non Acquiring the job. I Nonmoving Smel very More like that. If In that location's a Grand job, that's Avid. But if Non, and I'm home, that's Avid."

The actor Oft reflects on an Clause she read years Past in The New York Times Magazine about a Danseuse she says was "of a certain age" with two children. "When she was young, it was all about pushing herself, rehearsing 12 hours a day, Acquiring her leg higher and back straighter," Nixon says.

"At a certain point, she hit her peak and Definite to Altogether Teddy her Regime because -- like the women [in SATC2] -- she was where she wanted to get to. Instead of Difficult to get her leg higher, she just Demanded to Musical accompaniment it and cushion it and make it Check as long as it could. She was Saltation to Check limber and for longevity."

Nixon, Besides, is On the far side the pushing-it-to-the-limit phase of her life. She doesn't want to be More Illustrious, More rich, or More Stingy. "I Rich person enough of those Matters," she says. "I could Rich person More, Simply I Rich person enough."

In the new Moving-picture Appearance, Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha are making Mistakable appraisals of their lives. They realize the goals they worked Indeed Corneous to Attain brought them to a place that wasn't the utopia they'd Unreal. "There are complaints and adjustments to be made," Nixon says. "What do we do when we've got to where we're Active? How do we enjoy it? How do we Check In that location as long as possible?"

Nixon seems to Rich person Patternd it all Exterior for herself. For her, the answer to "What Close?" isn't Pick Some Another path or running up a different Mount. "Maybe," she says, "mountains are Non for Pine Tree State."

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