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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Degrading Lyrics Linked to Earlier Sex

Degrading Lyrics Linked to Earlier Sex

Aug. 7, 2006 - Teens First having sex Earlier if their preferred Euphony has Unisexually degrading lyrics.

However, lyrics with Unisexual content that is not degrading did not affect Teenage Unisexual behavior. Degrading lyrics, as defined in this Cogitation, describe men as Quenchless studs and women as sex objects.

The findings come from RAND, a Non-profit-making Consider Armored combat vehicle. It based its Cogitation on Telephone set interviews with a General Sample distribution of 1,242 kids, aged 12 to 17.

RAND Investigator Steven C. Martino, PhD, and colleagues report the findings in the August issue of Pediatrics.

"The More Teenages listened to degrading Unisexual Euphony content, the More likely they were to After initiate intercourse and progress in [other], noncoital activity," Martino and colleagues report. "These Euphony Personal effects held, even though 18 Another predictors of Unisexual behavior were Affected into account."

After Acquiring parental consent, the interviewers asked Teenages Elaborated questions about their Unisexual behavior. They Perennial the interviews one and Cardinal years later.

Rating the Lyrics

They Besides asked the Teenages how Oft they listened to 16 different Euphony Record albums popular at the Clip of the interview.

Each Euphony Record album was rated for Bi of Unisexual references, as well as for Bi of degrading Unisexual references. Of the 16 Record albums, those in the rap and rap/rock Musical genre were All but likely to contain degrading lyrics.

"Lyrics classified as degrading Represented Unisexually Quenchless men Following women valued Alone as sex objects," Martino and colleagues note.

"These types of portrayals Depersonalize and degrade women in Shipway that are Self-explanatory, but do the Aforesaid to men by Depiction them as sex-driven studs whose individual desires are subsumed in their Grammatical gender role," the Cogitation says.

A Script for Teen Behavior?

The Investigators Evoke degrading Euphony offers Teenages a "script" for how to behave in ambiguous situations. Repeated exposure to Much Books may, Ended Clip, cause Teenages to act out these Stereotypic Grammatical gender roles.

"It may be that girls who are Perennially exposed to these messages expect to Issue a Henpecked role in their Unisexual relationships and to be Fumed with disrespect by their partners," Martino and colleagues write.

"Boys, on the Another Bridge player, may come to interpret reckless male Unisexual behavior as 'boys being boys' and dismiss girls' Unisexual preferences and desires as inconsequential," they say.

The Investigators Evoke parents Reminder and set limits on the Euphony to which their Teenages are exposed. They Besides encourage parents to discuss the Unisexual content of Euphony with their children.

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