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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Elegy Falling Forward & Down



His girlfriend off a roof, making it look exist fond of suicide,

In order to detonate her womb’s

Bomb himself. Joanne Woodward’s

Character, the great disruptor by the extremely nature

Of her womanhood & her wealth. My mother


Natalie Wood from this role

Than fifty per cent of serious. These are the kinds of conversations

We have since there is no indeed other choice

In this violence.

Displayed the earliest French kiss on film, compared

Sex to the merchandise market.


Sex is exist fond of the merchandise market,

& the woman who enjoys sexual intercourse cannot depart from a movie

Screen lacking punishment. The scene accompanied by Ginny

(named for the liquor), her nape thrown back

& not here exist fond of a canine belly-up, not inside the style

Of pleasure nevertheless vulnerability, a crowd of men

In tuxedos waiting for their turn at parceling

Her body into eighths. It is still so difficult

To know what to fear, so we terror everything

& more—the new century’s anxiety

Closing inside on itself, until the decades fair get

Better at making caution form its body so that we

Don’t identify it while strange.

Mom asks how lengthy I will place in writing concerning this.


Mom asks,

As a new Laci Peterson documentary

Appears while one of my

We were inside a motel, getting ready

For Carrie’s wedding, & Laci was still missing,

& though ability to remember is disciplined inside what it leaves out,

I tin recall the intimacy of sharing a last name:

That which should lull while an alternative rings an alarm.

Lots of horses were found dead

That month inside Texas, the tale goes,

They followed one another into a river

& drowned. Memory’s language inside thirsty

Petals, exist fond of carnations decorating the chapel.


Petals, carnations decorate the chapel

At her funeral. A burial says so little concerning this world,

Just undecipherable grief—dark, black water.

Heaven bares its knuckles.

When they recovered Natalie Wood’s

Body one mile from the

She was dressed for bed. When they recovered

What was left-hand of Laci’s torso, ocean existence had started

To inhabit there, putting gulp of air spine where it was,

Making honorary lungs.

—So a a large amount of exist fond of my rage

Finding natural environment inside in the centre of firm columns of ribs, bone

Replaced by imposter cells. My imposter gore body

Falling forward & down.



Falling forward & down

Because of the homemade weights he attached

To her limbs. All that time, she was keeping the San Francisco Bay inside its place.

Everything inside this world is theirs, except doubt.

That is solely ours.

I’m regularly asked why I won’t go hiking on a date,

Why I believe going for a bathe is coercion from a well mannered intruder:

I’ve seen myself falling from a cliff inside the bodies of other women.

I’ve seen myself struggling underwater inside the sponges.

I’ve seen myself face-to-face accompanied by the bestial bluff.

I’ve seen myself the awful blue of night’s chokehold.

I’ve seen myself putting gore spine into the cherries.

Theirs, ours. Theirs ours.

If there is an chance to destroy, it will be.


Because there is excessively a a large amount of to destroy, it will be,

& when it is happening, it has by that hour dated happened.

This procession of verbs, loaded into a cannon.

Separating moments by tense makes it seem

As though they are unrelated & extremely a lengthy way from every one other.

My grandmother says she’s spent her whole life

Thinking concerning this—how she’ll die a sad woman

But that she survived. In that we don’t inquire for much,

It’s exist fond of we’re not asking at all: the smallness of ours.

Nominal ours. The rivers have been straining

Long earlier to we have, while the aqua I clasp inside my hands

Breaks into black butterflies, a hope to reverse

What we tin & depart from the rest.

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