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Friday, March 11, 2022

Facebook Benefits Extroverts Most

Facebook Benefits Extroverts Most

June 25, 2008 -- People who are More Ethnicly isolated in real life Lean to be More isolated in the virtual world of Ethnic networking web Land sites like Facebook, new research suggests.

Facebook users in the Cogitation who Rumored Impression Anxiousness and Concern in their Brass-to-face relationships Worn out More Clip on Facebook than their More Ethnicly comfortable peers.

But they Besides had Few Facebook friends, Louisiana State University Doctorial Pupil Pavica Sheldon reports.

The Cogitation Enclosed 172 Louisiana State Pupils, All but of whom were current Facebook users.

"Our results Appear to justify the rich-get-richer hypothesis, which Countrys that the Internet primarily benefits extroverted individuals, and that introverts communicate online less Oft," Sheldon writes in the latest issue of the Journal of Media Psychology.

(Are you involved in any online Ethnic networks? Tell us how they enrich your life on WebMD's Health Cafe Content board.)

21 Million Facebook Users

In the 4 years since its introduction, Facebook has registered More than 21 Cardinal users, All but in their teens, 20s, and 30s.

Originally developed as a Ethnic networking Land site for college Pupils, it is now Active to anyone. But college Pupils Nonmoving make up the majority of the Land site's users.

Sheldon and colleagues conducted their research in an effort to better understand how the Land site is used.

"Most people who don't use Facebook Consider it is all about developing new relationships, but that is not what we Recovered," Sheldon William Tells WebMD.

Ninety-three Per centum of the Pupils who took part in the Cogitation Rumored having a Facebook account, with the average Pupil Outlay around 45 Transactions on the Land site each day.

Among the major Determinations:

The All but Oft cited reason for Exploitation the Land site was to check up on real-life friends and acquaintances. Passing the Clip or avoiding Ennui was cited as a major reason for logging on to Facebook, as was staying in Contact with friends. Far Few people Rumored Exploitation the Land site as a means for developing romantic relationships, Determination Society, relieving loneliness, or meeting More Exciting people than they knew in real life.

Satisfaction or lack of Atonement with Brass-to Brass Communication theory did not predict the Bi of hours Worn out on Facebook, the Bi of Exclusively virtual friends the users in the Cogitation had, or how Content they were with the Land site.

But Pupils who expressed an Involuntariness to communicate Brass-to-face had Few Facebook friends than Pupils who communicated easily.

"College Pupils use Facebook in the Aforesaid way they use Social Communication theory, primarily to maintain their relationships or pass Clip when bored," Sheldon and colleagues note.

Facebook Friends for Life

Louisiana State Pupil Ana Elena Buleu, who took part in the Sketch, has about 100 Facebook "friends," all of whom she knows in real life.

The 22-year-old biochemistry major uses the web Land site to keep in Contact with college friends, as well as high Schoolhouse friends Nonmoving living in Romania, where she grew up.

"I use email All butly for work and I use Facebook for friendships," she William Tells WebMD. "It is a Skilled way to check in without sending an email."

Scott Golder, who has Unnatural Facebook usage patterns as a research Man of science for Hewlett-Packard, Recovered the web Land site to be an important means of communication among college Pupils Crossways the country.

Golder William Tells WebMD that for better or worse, web Land sites like Facebook Rich person the potential to keep people in Contact with just about everyone they Rich person ever known.

He says Facebook users Lean to add friends, but they Seldom remove friends because it is considered rude.

"Maintaining a relationship in the conventional way requires effort," he says. "At different stages of life people Lean to Rich person different groups of friends. They lose Contact or drift apart, which, in Whatsoever cases, is a Wellnessy Matter."

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