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Monday, March 28, 2022

Father's voice

The day he traveled to my daughter's house

It was june. he cursed me accompanied by his earlier to noon nod

Of annoyance while he filtered his callous

Walk. skip. hop. feet slipshod

From 125th road bars, face curled accompanied by odd

Reflections. the skin of a father is accented

In the judgement of the unaccented.

I was a southern Negro male playing music

Married to a high yellow woman who loved my unheard

Face, who slept accompanied by me inside nordic

Beauty. i convict since my birth to fear

I unfashioned buried inside an not shut grave

Of mornings unclapped accompanied by continual sight

Of masters fattened decked accompanied by my diminished light.

This love. this earliest spouse of mine, died inside childbirth

This face of complicated lace exiled her breath

Into another design, with every one other accompanied by i died became wanderlust

Demanded recompense from friends for my heartbreak

Cursed the land for this new heartache

Put her away accompanied by youthful pause

Never called her name again, wrapped my heart inside gauze.

Became romeo bound, applauded women

As i squeezed their syrup, drank their stenciled

Face, danced in the centre of their legs, placed my swollen

Shank to the world, became male distilled

Early twentieth-century black male fossilled

Fulfilled by women things, foreclosing on my life.

Mother where do i go earlier to i arrive?

She wasn't while beautiful while my earliest wife

This ruby-colored girl insinuating her limb

Against my thigh positioning her wild-life

Her non-virginal odour while virginal her climb

Towards me accompanied by slow walking heels made me limp

Made me stumble, made my legs squint

Until i stopped, stepped inside her footprint.

I did not want to depart from you son, this flame

This pecan-colored fete requested me

Not my child, your sister, your mother could not frame

Herself while her mother with every one other accompanied by i absentee

Father, with every one other accompanied by i nightclub owner carefree

Did not heed her blood, did not see my girl's eyes

Shaved buckled down accompanied by southern thighs.

Now my seventy-eight years encourage me on your land

Now my predator legs prey, broadcast

No new nightmares no indeed longer birdman

Of cornerstone comes, i go nearer to collapse the past

While bonfires burn up your orphan's mask

I chant a dirge of lost black southern manhood

This harlem male begging pardon, secreting old.

I was told i don't remember who

I believe i was told he entered his sister's house

Cursed me anew, tried to tattoo

Her language accompanied by worms, tried to arouse

Her slumbering a veins to espouse

His venom with every one other accompanied by she leaned slapped him still

Stilled his mouth across early earlier to noon chill.

Rumor has it that he slapped her hard

Down purgatorial sounds of caress

Rumor has it that he rushed her down a boulevard

Of insane laughter while his hands grabbed harness—

Like her arms with every one other accompanied by she, avenger with every one other accompanied by heiress

To naked lightning, detonated him, began her dance

Of looted hems gathering with every one other for his inheritance.

Blood the sound of gore paddling down the road

Blood the taste of gore choking their eyes

And my son's body blood-stained red

With country-lies, city-lies, father-lies, mother-lies,

And my feminine child clamoring to exorcise

Old thieves trespassing inside an elderly refrain

Conjured up a blue-black chord to ordain.

Oseee yei, oseee yei, oseee yei

Wa ma ne ho mene so oo

He has become holy while he walks in the direction of daresay

Can you hear his gore matter prepared to pray

He who wore demise discourages some plague

He who was an orphan now recollects his legs.

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