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Sunday, March 27, 2022

For Tupac Amaru Shakur

Who goes there? who is this young male born lonely?

Who walks there? who goes in the direction of death

Whistling into and not here of the water

Without his chorus? lacking his posse? lacking his song?

It is autumn now

In me autumn grieves

In this carved gold medal of shifting faces

My eyes confess to the fatigue of living.

I ask: does the earlier to noon weep for the dead?

I ask: were the bullets conscious atoms entering his chest?

I ask: did you see the illumination anointing his life?

The day i heard the sound of your death, my brother

I walked external outside inside the park

We your mothers wanted to see you safely home.

I remembered the poems inside your mother's eyes while she

Panther-laced warred opposed to the state;

The day you became fine powder again

We your mothers held up your face greenish accompanied by laughter

And i saw you a child on one occasion additional external outside your mother's womb

Picking up the harsh handbook of Black life;

The day you passed into our ancestral rivers,

We your mothers listened for your intoxicating voice:

And i heard you chant of tunes bent spine inside a

Cold curse opposed to black

Against black (get back)

Against black (get back)

We anoint your life

In this absence

We anoint our tongues

With your magic. your genius.

Casual warrior of sound

Rebelling opposed to humiliation


Because nobody else want to save them.

Nobody at some time came to save me . . .

Your existence is still warm

On my breath, male sibling casual broBritish casual bruvver Tupac

Amaru Shakur

And every one earlier to noon while i

Pray for our people

Navigating around these

Earth pornographers

And every one earlier to noon when

I see the blue tint of

Our Blackness inside the

Morning dawn

I will call not here to you again:

Where is that young male born lonely?

And the ancestors' voices will reply:

He is place of residence tattooing his skin with

White butterflies.

And the ancestors will say:

His is traveling accompanied by the laughter of trees

His reptilian eyes opening in the centre of the blue spaces.

And the ancestors will say:

Why do you dispatch all the blessed ones place of residence early?

And the ancestors will say:

You people. Black. lost inside the ability to remember of silence.

Look up at your children

Joined at the spine accompanied by demise with every one other accompanied by life.

Listen to their genius inside a time of arid rain.

Listen to them chasing existence falling

Down getting up inside this

House of blue mourning birds.


& he says: i ain't insane at ya

& he says: so don't cha exist insane at yo self

& he says: me opposed to the world

& he says: all of us opposed to the world

& he says: retain yo head up

& he says: yeah family retain yo head up every one day

& he says: dear mama, i deep affection you

& he says: dear all the mamas we deep affection you too

& he says: all eyez on me

& he says: kai fi African (come here African)

All eyez on ya from the beginning of time

From the beginning of time




Can you speak it? resist. resist. resist.

Can you speak it? resist. resist. resist.

I say. tin you do it? resist. resist. resist.

Can you rub it into yo sockets? bones?

Can you tattoo it on yo body?

So that you see. be in touch it strengthening you

As you hack gore earlier to the world.

Yeah. that's right. place in writing it on your

Forehead so you see yourselves while you stroll past tomorrow

On your breasts so when

Your babies suckle you, when your male woman

Taste you they swallow the milk of resistance. hee hee hee

Take it inside you so when your lover. friend.

Companion. enters you they are covered

With the juices, the sweet

Cream of resistance. hee hee hee

Make everyone who touches this mother lode

A partner of the idea of resistance.

Can you speak it? RESIST.

Can you speak it? RESIST.

Til it's inside you with every one other accompanied by you resist

Being an electronic nigger hating yo ego & me

Til you withstand lying & gossiping & stealing &

Killing every one other on every one saturday nite corner

Til you withstand having a infant cuz you want

Something to deep affection young sister. deep affection yo self

Til you withstand actuality a shonuff stud fuckin

Everything inside sight, til you withstand raping

Yo sister, yo wife, somebody's grandmother.

Til you withstand recolonizing yo mind

Mind cerebrum mind mind



Resist for Tupac

Resist for you & me


For Brother




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