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Sunday, March 27, 2022

From “Melismas”

Flip the pillows, orient your body to the east

When you untruth down, slip some ginger roots inside your pocket

When entering the battleground.

Ban attempts to lay clasp of a bathtub earlier to gambling,

After going to church, throughout the San Lazaro feast,

Forbid the overlapping of two

Rainbows. Criminalize the gifting of handkerchiefs,

Sharp with every one other accompanied by fat objects, instruments

That are pulsing. Awaken everyone’s innate humanity.

Let every one human being plead his instance for

The world’s dismantling. But, how would you go about

Possessing me? How would you marry my indecision

With your confusion? If you were the moon with every one other accompanied by I

The earth, how do you propose we become one body with every one other accompanied by not be

Destroyed? How would you distract me

The little while I register that we are falling

In a well, that we are fair flecks inside the eye of hell,

That we are tumbling down a pit piled high accompanied by daggers, spears, cutlasses?

Crystal-clear words, maybe. All those early hours inside the morning

When I find myself walking down alleys,

Ideas I should exist rattling off at the top of my lungs

In the hopes of rousing people, lay clasp of a peek

Through the window slats, exist dressed inside a shawl, place on

Shoes, with every one other accompanied by fasten me inside yelling

Until we wake up the whole town,

Until the people of this whole country mix from their pretend

Sleep, with every one other accompanied by start noticing how

The sky publishes every one single one of their wounds

Onto the vacant spaces of the night. If not

For those walks, I would have gone insane a lengthy hour dated ago.

It would have lengthy ceased for all of us the song

Of the shore, if only we had been additional heartfelt inside our

Singing. But, really, why? Is it since we are occupied calculating

The area of the wreckage, since of the sudden turbulence

Of the waves inside the high seas, since of the sporadic

Appearances of balls of illumination inside the corners

Of the city, inside go fishing markets, inside districts where kids

Sleep inside firm clusters? Emergence that implies

All that has been happening is tied by laws whose aim

Is to divert our observation from death. Like searching

For the mouth inside the rear of the thunderhead, exist fond of the folding over

Of fingers to imitate the composure of a forlorn bud

Of flower. And, based on the outlines of consequences

Of our infidelities, we shall emerge inside the after-

Life while fractured airplanes. Boulders

Forming a breakwater opposed to the storm, washed-out houses, confessionals,

Ropes for use while a hangman’s noose. It seems

The late afternoon now has nothing to hide, majestic are the clothes

Of the atmosphere. Carrying their respective despair

Clouds mingle accompanied by nightfall.

It appears the world may cycle back. Return to its beginning.

Rock gardens. Souls that,

Because of frailty, have clung to the attractive good-naturedness

Of things. Diminutive shrines. Chamber of a people healer.

Diamonds accompanied by luster none of us tin tame.

That blaze that reveals itself as

A rainbow whenever reflected illumination strikes

A woman’s cheek. Because imagination

Is the foremost poison. Concrete plans of action

You tin only devise when you are inside the centre of an accident,

Terms of endearment to attract

Good fortune now that we are looking for

A place to escape

The Season of the Ten Thousand Waves of ?Sorrow.

And since these situations call for

Immediate responses, I will have to speak over with every one other accompanied by over

My claims: the rainfall is red,

The rain’s scarlet body undulates,

The rainfall sneaks into rivers of red

And lakes of scarlet since it knows nothing

About exhausting its energy.

What drives us to retain pretending is new

Every morning, we ramble on whenever we choose to go nearer clean.

Filled accompanied by promises while fine while sandy silt,

Filled accompanied by miracles lingering inside every one corner

For the perfection of our unbroken seduction.

Faces exposed to that one sol accompanied by shimmering gilded

Rays, rays that are meant to build giddy

With their radiance each item that they touch. Even if we extremity up

In a wretched state, there are rooms reserved

For us by God, we will not exist tainted by

Deathly pallor. Librettos loaded accompanied by the names of storms.

Mountains shapeshifting into a curtain. Premature complaints

Of flesh. Murmurs from the parts of the body

That encourage on to span the limits of power

Of the cerebrum to turn the dash of sight into an electrifying

Reality, panorama of the rear-ended bodies

Of water, a passing rainfall scrounging

For ability so that it tin show earlier to it wanes

How it is intelligent to painstakingly match its various little

Droplets to the unsullied sighs with every one other accompanied by inhalations

Of those who are beginning to mislay their minds. My deep affection leans closely

To place her lips following to my

Ear (and now I am molten brass, alley

Engulfed by rhododendrons, smoulder restless

While floating while scrambling to settle down

To its own firm form earlier to eventually disappearing) with every one other accompanied by sings

A parting song: la la la, la la la, la la la, la la la.

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