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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Heat Wave

Only while an elderly male did he hear the elderly saying that a beardless human being neither ages nor dies. Shaving his beard accompanied by a shaky hand every one morning, he discovered new dreams. If? I were to exist reborn,... please don’t permit me exist reborn. This was his earliest prayer. From the little while he learned to cry on his own, he’s been crying inside the street. We all cry when we’re born, so please, I don’t want to cry again. This was his following prayer. He shaved his beard, dropped fake tears inside his eyes, gathered his hands, with every one other accompanied by checked his vision. Nauseating illumination poured down. If ?I did have a secret—is it okay if he prays a third time?—it’s this: Day following day, I sweep leaves off the streets with every one other accompanied by rub windows. I awe how a a large amount of hour dated I’ve wasted outside. They speak people’s hands were freed when they learned to stroll upright. Why do all the flowers around here bloom from trash? ?Clearing the trash from under the magnolia tree, he thinks to himself: This day, inside which sad prayers go nearer spilling not here of his hands, is excessively hot.

#Living #Growing Old #Sorrow & Grieving #Time & Brevity

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