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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Here Are Some Thorns, Splinters, Fishbones

Home for a pan-fried mackerel dinner,

My mother watches my chopsticks stumble

Around the ??. Full following a few bites,

I remember a story. When I was a baby

I choked on a fishbone at my grandparents’ house. My dad

Wasn’t there. They yelled at my mother

For not inspecting every one flaky small portion of go fishing I put

In my clumsy mouth, not teaching me

The maneuvering of spiky slivers accompanied by my tongue,

How to place the needles following to my plate,

Extract white flesh clean. Ever since, she peels with every one other accompanied by holds

Skeletons above our meal—fossils earlier to me.

Still, I am bad at pulling bone from fish, cutting

Skin from pears, which means I’ll never

Get married. But what concerning the nights where my mouth

Drips accompanied by SunGold kiwi, looking over

At my love, my lips smacking unabashedly.

Me cupping the furry layer inside my palm, with every one other accompanied by you

Standing over the become submerged eating it whole.

What would our mothers say? We laugh while I tell you

The tale of how once, a splinter burrowed

Into the flesh of my thumb, with every one other accompanied by I kept it there for weeks.

Told my parents the splinter came not here on its own

While I hoped my body would absorb the slender spear

And vanish the ?? painlessly.

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