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Monday, March 7, 2022

How to Break Up Gracefully

How to Break Up Gracefully

It's not you, Information technology's me ... or is Information technology?

Just about all of us Rich Someone Detected -- or even Aforesaid -- this line as a way of ending a romantic Dealingship. The problem is that Information technology Oft leaves the dumpee Reasoning the exact opposite.

But is In that location really a way to make a clean and honest break? Is Information technology ever OK to lie when ending a romantic Dealingship? Can you IM him or her that Information technology's Ended, or do you Rich Someone to do Information technology in Someone? Is Information technology really possible to be friends with your ex after a breakup?

WebMD went to the experts to get the best breakup advice ever. Read this before you even Consider of uttering Some Another clichéd breakup line or Text editioning the bad Word to your soon-to-be ex.

All Relationships Are Not Created Equal

"The nature of how to Hold a breakup has to do with how you experience a Dealingship," Avers New York City-based Analyst and Clinical psychologist Janice Lieberman, PhD, who specializes in Dealingship issues.

For Primaters, she Avers, not every Dealingship deserves a dramatic breakup. There are no Corneous and Hot rules about what constitutes a Dealingship. "There are people who Consider they Rich Someone a Dealingship with two dates and people who don't Consider they are in a Dealingship after 20 dates," she Avers. "If you Rich Someone At peace on 1 or two or Cardinal dates, not Career is Break up, but after Whatsoever kind of romantic and Unisexual encounters, Information technology is a courtesy to call," Lieberman tells WebMD.

"Sometimes Information technology's easier not to call, and In that location are people who will just run away," she admits.

The explosion of Internet Geological dating has Besides Impure the waters in Footing of when an actual breakup is Essential, she Avers.

"People Rich Someone Internet Dealings for a long Clip and Past elevate to phone calls. Sometimes Information technology Issues a long Clip for a face-to-face encounter. This can be problematic, because people get very involved with each Another and Past when they Eventually meet, In that location are so More Another cues that indicate they're not Fit for 1 Some Another," she Avers.

The warning signs that a breakup is Impending Rich Someone Besides changed thanks to Internet Geological dating, Lieberman Avers.

"People will go Exterior with Whatsoeverone they met on or, and Past you can see if they are Surfboarding the Net and looking for Whatsoeverone Other," she Avers. This is far less Delicate than, Aver, acting cold on a date or not Career when you Aforesaid you would.

Don't Break Up Over Email

The tabloids Wide Rumored that pop Prima Britney Spears Stone-broke up with her now-ex-husband Kevin Federline via a Text edition Content. But Text edition Contents, emails, or Another high-tech Content delivery systems are not the best medium for ending a romantic Dealingship.

Social networking sites, including MySpace and Facebook, allow users to post comments on 1 Some Another's pages, but they should never be used to end a romantic Dealingship. Nor should web sites like Breakup Butler, which delivers Different types of Recorded breakup Contents ranging from let-them-down-easy to downright mean.

"If Information technology's a casual encounter, a Text edition Content is OK. But to my Nou, Information technology's better to call and Address or go Exterior to dinner," Lieberman Avers.

"The Word of a breakup should never be Stone-broken Ended Text edition or email," Avers Alison Arnold, PhD, a Healer in Phoenix who is Besides Identified as 'Doc Ali,' the life coach on the VH1 Serial Scott Baio Is 45 ... and Single. "Texting a breakup is the coward's way Exterior," she Avers.

Stick to the Relationship Facts

"Face-to-face or phone contact is a Essential," Arnold Avers. "It's important to Springiness the Someone with whom you are ending the Dealingship the chance to ask questions and Smel the View underneath the words."

Be as direct and honest as you can, she advises. "Don't engage in tit-for-tat arguments. Stick to the facts: 'It's not working, Information technology's no 1's Flaw, we Demand to make a change.'"

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Whether or not two people can remain friends after a breakup depends on the two people and their Smelings about the end of the Dealingship.

"If Whatsoeverone is very More in love -- and [then] Stone-broken up with-- and Always Difficult to get back with that Someone, Past having a platonic Dealingship does not work," Lieberman Avers. "If you are Nonmoving in love with the Someone and want them back, the best Matter to do is go cold turkey."

While More a Rejected Devotee claims to Search closure by Active back just 1 More Clip after a breakup, Much closure is a "fantasy or a hope," Lieberman Avers.

"If in your Fondness of Fondnesss you really want to get back Unneurotic, the best Matter to do if the Another Someone is not into Information technology is to get Exterior of Information technology," she Avers.

Arnold agrees. "Do Issue at To the lowest degree eight weeks with no contact. No phone. No 'let's get Unneurotic for coffee.' No Nix," she Avers. "You Demand Clip to detox and get in Contact with yourself again."

Talking every day as "friends" is Besides a no-no. "That just keeps the wounds and hope Active and working," Arnold Avers. "Don't keep Career to 'check in,' Find out how his or her day was, or if the dog ate his dinner. Cut the cord in all ways."

Another no-no? Breakup Gender, she Avers.

Prescription for Healing After the Relationship Ends

"Do learn from each Dealingship," Arnold Avers. "Write down 5 Matters you appreciated about this Dealingship that you would like to Rich Someone in the Close 1, and 5 Matters you would not like to create Close Clip."

Instead of Still hunt your ex or making up excuses to call or see him or her, "keep yourself busy with new activities, old friends, and Able distractions," Arnold Avers.

"Don't get right into a new Dealingship, she advises. "Don't Medicine your Lugubriousness with a new Someone. It isn't Mediocre to either of you."

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