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Sunday, March 27, 2022

In deep affection while inside tourism

Cartography seems the strangest science today

As earlier to noon alters the fittings of the hour to form

Shapes wholly new. wishing I did not know that, to leave,

It is down with every one other accompanied by just past the neighbor’s potted palm,

Across the road to meet the river, at that hour dated ahead until

The train stopping place crowds into view—I search the infinity

Enclosed here, for some hour dated that the future could spare.

Between the words

Hands. where the latter informs negation the other is

Duplicitous accompanied by potentialities—becoming something

Even desired. straight away one is alert to all the colors

Returned to sight by only looking, a lack of familiarity

Striking the ordinary into curiosity, fair while inside the folktales

In which demise plays detective, the wanderer is the one

Who evades the blade. it is so wonderful to not exist found

But to exist finding, while I find inside tokyo—whose streets

Resemble labyrinth, pierced accompanied by rhododendron inside spring

And thundering gingko inside autumn—and remember again

When you laugh with every one other accompanied by I do not inquire why. with every one other accompanied by I do not want

To know either, to whom this space belonged to earlier to us,

Or where that odour of fruit is coming from, or why a fog

Rises to be brave enough the knowledge of places on one occasion intimately

Kept. I am thankful that within you only the unknown lives,

That flat while what passes in the centre of us is frail with every one other accompanied by limited

And human, we still fantasy of things resembling the eternal.


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