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Tuesday, March 29, 2022


There is always a cage at the center, a lockup,

The place you may wind up no indeed matter

How firm you try to go nearer behind the unswerving and

Narrow, there's a jailer accompanied by a answer with every one other accompanied by no indeed occasion

Prevents the key's jangling. The boys at a game inside Philly,

Let's say, know a few beers could obtain them place in

That cell, the one kept for the rowdy, the rude,

Those whose parameters were lengthy ago

Shot to hell by a isolated mother, the boys who step out

Of line, who won't admit the fucking line.

Without having laid eyes on the place (you know

The place) you know where's a dried mattress

And a Styrofoam cup of tepid water. Taste it?

Notice the smell? You'll fret it's you,

While above your head, the you you were before

Is quoting the consequence with every one other accompanied by taking existence inside gulps,

Anxious inside since you knew you

Would extremity up here. You, who never could just

Walk away from a too-good thing. You

With something to prove, a drama unfolding

Like a narrow cover hardly covering the frame.

#Living #Coming of Age #Life Choices #Youth

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