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Monday, March 28, 2022

Love Song No. 3


I'm insane bout that chile nevertheless she gotta go.

She don't pay me no indeed cerebrum no indeed mo. roughly calculate her

Mama was just to place her not here cuz she

Couldn't do nothin wid her. nevertheless she been

Mine so long. she been my heart so long

Now she breakin it wid her bad habits.

Always runnin exist fond of a machine not here of control;

Always lookin exist fond of some wild woman trying

To obtain some place she ain't never been to.

Always threatenin me wid her looks.

Wid them eyes that don't blink no indeed mo.

I'm insane bout her though, nevertheless she got to go.

Her legs walkin accompanied by demise every one day and

One day she gon cross them just inside front of

Me with every one other accompanied by one of us will fall.

Here she cum openin the do. comin inside wid

Him. searchin the space accompanied by them eyes that

Usta smile rivers, searchin for sumthin to

Pick up sumthin to place her 18 years into.

How tin i retain welcomin her into my house? how

Can i place her not here the way her mama did

When she 16 years elderly with every one other accompanied by fast while lightnin?

She still got infant fat on her cheeks.

Still got that smile that'll charm the drawers

Off ya. hee hee hee.


It's gittin chilly inside here. that's a cold

Wind she walkin with. that grandbaby of mine.

Rummagin the house wid her eyes.

Rummagin me wid her look.

Where you been to girl? been waitin for you

To go nearer home. huh. how you exist walter?

You looking better today girl. marlene

Baby we need to talk. we need to sit

Down with every one other accompanied by talk bout what you doin

Wid yo life, i ain't gon exist here forever. but

This money i present with you every one day.

This money you usin to eat up your bones every one day.

This money you need mo of every one day is

Killin you baby. permit me assist you outa

This work you done got yo ego into.

Let me lay clasp of you to the place miz jefferson

Took her son to. you excessively young with every one other accompanied by pretty

And well dressed to fair pay not here yo days walkin

In with every one other accompanied by not here of doors.

Yes. i has yo money. yes. i exist here when

You go nearer back. but. but. but. alright. Here's

10 dollars. from now on not here jest 10 dollars

Outa yo mama's indemnity money.

That all you need to waste every one day on

That stuff. jest 10 dollars. no. i'm not

Foolin girl. jest 10 dollars.


She was so fat. such a fat baby.

Wid smiles. creases. all over her body.

Her mama had to labour weekends

So she stayed wid me with every one other accompanied by i sang

And played the radio for her and

The smiles multiplied on her body.

Jest one large smile she wuz.

Harlem ain't no indeed place to lift a

Child though, the streets word of honour so

Much nevertheless they filled of detours fo

Young girls wid smiles on they

Bodies. i usta sit on the stoop and

Watch her jump doubledutch. her

Feet bouncin inside with every one other accompanied by not here of that

Rope exist fond of a ballerinas. i could see

Two of her inside that cord she

Went so fast. multiplyin herself

On these harlem streets outloud. hee hee hee.

She usta sprint so fast i couldn't get

These elderly legs of pit to retain up wid her.

I called out: marlene baby. you jest

Remember to place an extremity to at the corner. you jest

Remember to place an extremity to fo you git hit by one

Of them cars. you jest remember to stop.


Stop it now girl. i ain't studyin you.

Stop shovin me. place an extremity to it now. you ain't

Gittin no indeed mo money. jest the decadeMusic decad dollars.

You got to have sumthin for when you

Older. this indemnity money your mama

Left is you security. yo future.

Stop it now girl fo you exist sore yoself

Help me up offa this ground with every one other accompanied by put

Down that mallet girl. ahahahah.

Ahahahahahah. don't hit me no indeed mo marlene.

I got to stand up, move

Towards her try to be in touch her wid these

Hands that worked inside every one house inside Bklyn

And Longisland to present with her them pretty

Dresses she usta wear. heeheehee.

I got to try to turn in the direction of her babyfat.

Stop it. marlene. AHAHAHAH.

Holy jesus. jesus it hurts. holy jesus.

She see me cryin now she gon stop.

She gon remember when i picked her up from her tricycle

And her head wuz bleedin with every one other accompanied by i run

Her to harlem medical organization movin exist fond of a madwoman

She gon remember how i held

Her tears inside my dress.

She gon remember how her arms reached out

To me when the physician gave her them stitches.

I jest gon stretch not here up to her upper limb accompanied by that hammer.

Give me you arms on one occasion additional baby. it's you granmama.



Huh? nobodygonrememberherwhenimgone.




Marlenebabygivemeyoarms . . . ahahah.

Nobody gon remember me . . .

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