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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Lumberjack Diary

I didn’t know how to sketch this myth whose beginning is filled accompanied by darkness, so I drew a house on a blank page. The cosmos doesn’t have some use for doors of course. We wanted to build a house since each item was open. Since we’re fragile, we can’t build sensory power of a place where backward is forward with every one other accompanied by up with every one other accompanied by down signify little. To exist natural means to exist intelligent to show ourselves, of our own accord. As nothing nevertheless shadows molded not here of illumination with every one other accompanied by darkness, we tin neither be in touch sorrows nor embrace joys. As we are, we can’t do anything. After sending you the Bible verse that says each item turns upside down inside the moments earlier to the world ends, I erased the confessions I’d written all over my desk. In this vastness, I uncertainty some signal could stretch not here you. They speak a catastrophe is a celestial body actuality destroyed. Stardust will let fall with every one other accompanied by show itself on its own. The elderly ones, who could be in touch with every one other accompanied by be in touch shapeless things, grieved when they saw the stardust. We place up a roof with every one other accompanied by pray that the souls of those who disappeared pay someone a call us. We pray they relax their shining bodies on the roof with every one other accompanied by prepare a large cuisine utensil of porridge for us. Is the tragedy impossible to describe since this is how it manifests itself? Using a lengthy saw, we gash down a tree. Let’s build a frame. We’re shadows slipping inside into and not here of the window. We permit the heated scarlet bean porridge drip to the ground.

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