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Thursday, March 31, 2022


The migrant feminist will not show you all her faces. The migrant feminist thinks inside generations; inside this sense, demise is necessarily ?a comma. The migrant feminist washes, feeds, builds, plucks, sets ablaze, digs, flays, rips, dries, paints, kneads, wipes, testifies, lies, brays, stabs, crawls, lubricates, trims, guts, slaps, mantles, damns, disturbs. The migrant feminist hears cicadas with every one other accompanied by (mis)takes them for a theory of what comes with every one other accompanied by goes, for waking. The migrant feminist is unattached to ancestors with every one other accompanied by their judgments exist fond of spoiled fruit. The migrant feminist rewrites passive sentences inside the darkness revealing ?subject, predicate, thing while the infant sucks on her. The migrant feminist weeps at the stupidest things: a male child inside the food court, his bowl of spaghetti splattered on the ground. The father is yelling with every one other accompanied by ?yelling. The boy’s whole actuality is hunger. The migrant feminist laughs. The migrant feminist practices a different trust for every one language she speaks. English, the mother of order. Bahasa, the eternity of boats. The migrant feminist forgives, ruthlessly. The migrant feminist makes not actuality a courageous male work. The migrant feminist is a kite inside the wind, with every one other accompanied by the wind. The migrant feminist studies other people’s histories of themselves, since what one cannot have, one cherishes. The migrant feminist makes no indeed claims on land. The migrant feminist makes deep affection to hyperbole. The migrant feminist is the simultaneity of swirling things with every one other accompanied by electrified wire. Therefore, a passion for windows, an interrogative stance in the direction of bolt-cutters. The migrant feminist chooses whom she belongs to. Ghosts illumination up her life.

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