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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Modern Fiction

First book assigned inside Modern Fiction

Is Joseph Conrad’s

The professor: dandelion lady

Tall & thin, an elderly head capped

In gray-blonde wisps, spits

The firm R from her mammary gland day one,

Then on one occasion additional day two, at that hour dated switches


Like she’s not sure if there’s a max

Before graves beneath her feet—below floor

And stair with every one other accompanied by brick—snap,

Reach high, with every one other accompanied by haul down.

Tour guides speak Thomas Jefferson went here,

But none detail the dense

Death that shrouds

Williamsburg grounds,

The deceased who exist well

And those who remain dead.

Thomas Jefferson is a modern fiction.

The students here call him TJ,

His sculpture fixed to Old Campus exist fond of a sundial

Telling no indeed hour dated nevertheless these,

Some say, where charges


On the flip side

Of his real noun height,

Far beneath land

His own hands wouldn’t tend.

The extremity of slavery is a modern fiction

We students roost with every one other accompanied by lounge on,

Feet dangled off wood dorm sofas

And seats built by prisoners.

They be paid fifty to eighty

Cents an hour, look more

Like me than the educational organization body,

With faces brown while God.

Wrote TJ of black folks.

Once, when a male hurls

And I stroll Richmond Road,

What strikes breaks skin, soars past bone,

Through every one lobe with every one other accompanied by out, exist fond of ghosts

Emerging straight away from stone.

#Living #Disappointment & Failure #Sorrow & Grieving #Social Commentaries #History & Politics #Race & Ethnicity

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