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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Modern Love Glossary

Modern Love Glossary

Stumped by all the relationship Cant and instant and Text edition Electronic messaging Written Moving around these Years? Confused by Footing Much as BF, GF, ILY, man crushes, and Appetiser marriages?

Don't be. Here's a quick Guidebook to Springiness you the 411:

All about, into, all Ended: Very interested in (I'm all about him, he's all Ended her, she's into him, etc).

BF or GF: Boyfriend or girlfriend.

Cougar: An Elderly woman looking for love with a Jr. man (aka Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher).

DH: Dear husband.

Domestic partnership: Gay or Accurate couples that live Unneurotic but are not married. The partnerships may or may not be legal.

Double exposure: An Internet Geological dating Condition to describe meeting Somebody for the 1st Clip and discovering that they're wearing the Aforesaid Turnout pictured on their Geological dating profile.

Fembot: A Distaff Golem; unemotional woman.

Friendship divorce: A breakup Betwixt platonic friends, akin to a divorce or Breakup. Sometimes, friends just drift apart and lead Segregated lives, leading to the Friendly relationship divorce. While partings can be permanent, Whatsoever friends Reunify and return to a 'pre-divorce' Country.

ILY: "I love you"

LMIRL: "Let's meet in real life"

LTR: Long-term relationship.

Man crush: One dude's Agamic admiration of Some Another dude's personal awesomeness, as in, "My BF has a Man Crush on Eli Manning."

Missed connection: A popular Department on Craigslist where people try to connect with people they've seen Whatsoeverwhere but don't know.

Sext Electronic messaging: Sending a Risque Content via Text edition Electronic messaging.

Shoulder Surfboarding: Chatting it up with Somebody, but always glancing Ended his or her Berm for a More attractive prospect.

SO: Significant Another. A way of Distinguishing your relationship without Acquiring Encumbered in the Adhesive discussion of whether Somebody you're Geological dating really qualifies as a Beau/girlfriend.

Starter marriage: A 1st marriage that lasts less than 5 years and produces no children. A play on the phrase "starter home."

Ubersexual: A metrosexual who Besides has manly qualities.

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