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Thursday, March 31, 2022

My Brother Was Born Both Ally & Combatant

All voyeurism begins accompanied by surveillance ::

My brother’s voyage ends inside the Galilee

I fantasy of a barrier across the Galilee ::

Brother tunnels under & follows sunlight

A heated illumination eats his entire body

:: Like his hot firearm ate his jacket’s lining

His jacket’s lining was wool :: Dead sheep

Supposedly still living :: My male sibling casual broBritish casual bruvver does

Live, supposedly, exist fond of his elderly condition ::

He buys groceries inside Nablus some weekends

:: He buys groceries?

I hope this city begins where the condition ends

That occupation ends where the condition began ::

All voyeurism begins accompanied by surveillance

#Relationships #Family & Ancestors #Social Commentaries #History & Politics #War & Conflict

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