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Wednesday, March 30, 2022


A two-pound weight, hurled in the direction of the sky,

Meant to shatter another, found Harriet Tubman,

Collided accompanied by her skull at the dry-goods store.

Harriet: a hairsbreadth from no indeed more—from the end

Of her. It splintered bone, that strength stone, hardly bigger

Than an ovum or infant foot. So put, it drove the fabric

Of her head-rag home, deep sufficient to be in touch her mind.

A madness. Not a male to exist kind, her enslaver

Would say:

And, thereafter, she’d be in touch starlight descending,

The herald of a power of speech exist fond of a chime or a chime.

A sweep of slumber would lay clasp of her then, flat as

She spoke, though she woke wounded with every one other accompanied by weary,

Breathing with every one other accompanied by seeing lengthy into time. Crossing, often,

A Manhattan street, lacking the protection

Of the throng, lacking so a a large amount of while a turn of my head,

Fool girl I was, fair wishing herself dead, erased

By a taxi at 50 miles an hour. A be brave enough without

Dread, though no indeed small power, I’d dared myself

Since thirteen or so. To go with every one other accompanied by go now: a madness of

My own. No cataclysmic crash on the side of my skull,

Just the want of a pill, fair chemistry, with every one other accompanied by thoughts that

Moved into and not here of me inside metaphor: a door to close

Or not while I chose. Harriet with every one other accompanied by her sailors of renegades,

They’d march close, inside nothing nevertheless rags, a mockery of

Clothes. They stepped into the blessed black and

Wicked frost, the stars blue-flaming the waters

They’d wade. Always a watercourse to exist followed or crossed,

Though there was no indeed word of honour of cover or barn or bed.

Just God telling her

Her head, among the darkness blooms with every one other accompanied by darkness birds.

I had a madwoman to disarm, a dweller inside my attic

With a shotgun on her upper limb with every one other accompanied by a way accompanied by her words.

Araminta—African lady, accompanied by eyes that pierce the mist—

You yield to invocation with every one other accompanied by to a power of speech with every one other accompanied by to a godly pain.

The cost you paid for having no indeed choice; the price

Of the railroad accompanied by a flesh-made train.

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