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Monday, March 7, 2022

Passion Rules in the (Fictional) ER

Passion Rules in the (Fictional) ER

Oct. 25, 2007 -- Move Ended, Grey's Anatomy. An Honored medical journal is Full with Uncurbed passions among Unreal doctors.

The Lancet's Oct. 27 edition includes an Irish Shrink's review of 20 medical romance novels.

The Shrink is Brendan D. Kelly, MD, MRCPsych, of the adult Psychological medicine department at Ireland's University College Dublin.

He Arbitrarily chose and read 20 romance novels that took place in a medical Scope, Generally in emergency Suite or in Mobile medical squads.

All of the couples were heterosexual. The central male characters were all doctors; the women Enclosed 11 doctors and Cardinal nurses.

"There was a marked Prevalence of brilliant, Difficult, Strong male doctors with Well-defined features, working emergency medicine; they were Ordinarily of Mediterranean Root and had personal tragedies in their past," writes Kelly.

He adds that the Distaff doctors and nurses in the books "tended to be Hot, beautiful, determined, but Nonmoving compassionate."

The male and Distaff characters "frequently Unnoticed their personal lives to care better for their patients, More of whom had life-threatening illnesses from which they Still managed to recover," Kelly observes.

Of course, those books are Fable. And of course, Kelly isn't Attractive them as fact.

Otherwise, doctors and nurses would Demand Education to deal with the "apparent Inevitableness of Ungoverned passions in the context of emergency medicine, especially as practiced on aeroplanes," writes Kelly.

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