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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Dec. 3, 2007 -- To be More physically attractive to the Diametrical Gender, you may want to Springiness your personality a makeover.

A new Cogitation states that "personality goes a long way toward Determinative your Attraction; it can even change people's impressions of how Skilled looking you are."

The Cogitation Enclosed 78 college students at a Eastern U.S. university.

First, they watched a computer Blind display 36 External body part photos of members of the Diametrical Gender.

The students rated the physical Attraction of the people in the photos on a Musical scale of 1 (extremely unattractive) to 10 (extremely attractive).

Next, the students were asked to count down from a large Bi by Parliament and Past up by 13s.

That Chore was all about distracting them before they saw the photos Once again. As the photos reappeared, the students Detected about each person's personality.

Some were Delineate as being honest, Laughable, mature, intelligent, polite, and helpful. Others were called abusive, Disgusting, unstable, cruel, unfair, and rude.

Lastly, the students Perennial their physical Attraction ratings and Illustrious whether they wanted to befriend or date the people in the photos.

Personality rocked the results.

People who looked Skilled lost Background if they had Filthy personalities. And those in the Midway of the pack or Far down on the looks Musical scale benefited from an admirable personality.

Likewise, people weren't keen to date or befriend the beautiful but cruel. Instead, they'd rather Drop Clip with Somebody with a better personality.

The results were a bit stronger for women. But "personality was of Avid Grandness to Some genders," write the researchers.

They Enclosed Gary Lewandowski Jr., PhD, assistant Prof of Psychological science at Monmouth University in New Jersey.

Single students and students in romantic relationships Some connected physical Attraction and personality.

The bottom line: "While it may Nonmoving be important to be physically attractive, it is Besides important to convey a desirable personality," write the researchers.

They add that "these findings are particularly encouraging as cosmetic OR becomes Progressively common."

Their Cogitation appears in the Erudite journal Personal Relationships.

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