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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Red Really Is the Color of Romance

Red Really Is the Color of Romance

Oct. 28, 2008 -- A new Cogitation shows the color red may make women More attractive to men.

Researchers at the University of Rochester, led by Andrew J. Elliot, PhD, carried out 5 experiments to see if what they call the "red-sex link" was for real.

The participants were Undergrad students whose average age was about 20.

In the 1st experiment, photos of women with white or red backgrounds were Given to male students. Women's photos with a red background were judged to be More attractive than those with a white background.

The 2nd experiment involved Some male and Distaff students. Although male students Recovered a woman's image on a red background More attractive than a white background, the Distaff students did not.

In the Close Cardinal experiments, male students were shown pictures of women on a red or different-colored background (gray, Naive, or blue) and asked to rate how attractive the women were.

The participants were Besides asked questions that went a little deeper, Much as are you sexually attracted to this woman?

The women in red scored higher in being attractive and being sexually attractive; men Besides Aforesaid they would Drop the More money on the women in red than those in Another colors.

It seems that color -- red or Anotherwise -- did not play a role in how likable, kind, or intelligent men perceived the women in the photos to be.

"It's Alone recently that psychologists and researchers in Another disciplines Rich person been looking closely and Consistently at the relationship Betwixt color and behavior. Much is Identified about color Physical science and color physiology, but very little about color Psychological science," Elliot says in a Word release. "It's Riveting to Discovery that something as Omnipresent as color can be having an effect on our behavior without our awareness."

However, researchers write in an Clause Given with the Discoveryings that the "red-sex link" could be Exclusively Social conditioning.

Red has long been associated with love, lust, and desire in Chronicle and Lit. Images of the "red-light" district, red Valentine's Black Maria, and More come to Nou. And as far back as ancient Egypt women Rich person painted their lips red to appear More attractive.

The Cogitation is Promulgated online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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