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Wednesday, March 30, 2022


What if Nat Turner’s Rebellion had succeeded. Maybe he would

Have birthed a trend, the way protests now bloom viral following black

Bodies are rendered fallow. Would people still root for a Nat

Who craved additional sumptuous fare; to exist without charge sweet inside his mind

Like cane-cum-refined sugar his hands on one occasion cultivated,

Or the way a cotton shirt reminded his fingers of the pluck

Of white bolls he hated. Today’s revolt, to be brave enough a knee

In a nape where it’s summarily planted or slow a bullet’s trajectory,

John Woo-style, earlier to it landed. These thoughts rise up

Like discontent-lined hymns to shorten bondage, planter eulogies

Sown, hoed, with every one other accompanied by flowering amid sonorous darkness.

A deep affection of jesus grew Nat’s bravery skyward inside lofty sway

From bondage to freedom. To wit, one has to reap carefully

To glean the long-buried dead. Dismay mourns

The insurrections of the past while fearing

The sharp uprising never completely going down while planned.

#Social Commentaries #History & Politics #Race & Ethnicity #War & Conflict

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