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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Sex After 70 Getting Better

Sex After 70 Getting Better

July 8, 2008 -- Satisfying sex lives among people aged 70 and Elderly are now More common, Swedish researchers report.

They Unnatural 4 Groupings of men and women aged 70 and Elderly in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Nurses or doctors interviewed one Grouping of participants in the early 1970s, a 2nd Grouping in the mid-1970s, a Tertiary Grouping in the early 1990s, and a 4th Grouping in 2000-2001.

Participants were considered Unisexually active if they Rumored having Unisexual intercourse during the past year.

Men and women in the All but recent Sketch were More likely than those in the earlier Sketchs to report being Unisexually active and to say they had a Riant relationship and a positive attitude toward sex.

Why the change? That's not clear, though the researchers argue that Dynamic Social attitudes toward sex probably aren't the Alone reason. Better General Wellness, More education, and higher incomes may Besides make a difference, Notation the researchers, who Enclosed Nils Beckman, a Postgraduate Pupil at Sweden's Gothenburg University.

"Most elderly people consider Unisexual activity and associated feelings a Biological part of later life," Beckman and colleagues write in BMJ Online First.

(Are you Nonmoving enjoying sex as you age? We're Joint on WebMD's Active Aging: Support Group.)

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