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Friday, March 4, 2022

Sex Dreams Equal 8% of Adults' Dreams

Sex Dreams Equal 8% of Adults' Dreams

June 14, 2007 -- Sex dreams make up 8% of men's and women's dreams, a University of Montreal Investigator Declared Now.

Antonio Zadra, PhD, asked 109 women and 64 men to keep a dream diary for two to 4 weeks. Participants were about 30 years Experienced, on average.

According to Zadra, Alone two Another studies Rich person probed the Absolute frequency and content of Unisexual dreams, and Some of those studies were done More than 40 years ago.

In Zadra's Cogitation, participants jotted down every dream they had, whether it was Unisexual or Non. All in all, they Noned 3,564 dreams. Of those dreams, 292 Enclosed Unisexual content.

"Sexual intercourse was the All but common Eccentric of Unisexual content, followed by Unisexual propositions, Caressing, and fantasies," Zadra writes.

For men and women alike, Unisexual dreams accounted for 8% of all Rumored dreams. Zadra Besides Nones that "masturbation accounted for About 6% of Some male and Distaff Unisexual dreams and an Climax was Old in About 4% of all Unisexual dreams."

However, In that location were Whatsoever Grammatical gender differences in sex dreams.

"Men's Unisexual dreams were More likely to Issue place in public or unknown settings, to Rich person the dreamer initiate Unisexual contact, and to involve unknown characters or Triple partners," Zadra writes, adding that "gender differences in the content of everyday Unisexual dreams may reflect people's Awake Necessarily, experiences, attitudes, and concerns with respect to Unisexuality."

His findings were Given Now in Minneapolis at Sleep 2007, a joint venture of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society.

Do these Eccentrics of dreams cause cause Discord Betwixt you and your partner? Tell us your experiences on our Sexual Issues: Member To Member Content board.

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