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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Sex Education Works, Study Shows

Sex Education Works, Study Shows

Dec. 20, 2007 -- Sex education is effective, increasing the chances that Teenages will delay having Unisexual intercourse at To the lowest degree until they reach age 15, according to a new Cogitation.

"We were Pleased that Gender education is working," says Trisha Mueller, MPH, an epidemiologist at the CDC in Atlanta who led the Cogitation. "Sex education should continue to be implemented."

Study Details

Ninety-three Per centum of Americans Musical accompaniment Gender education in Whatsoever Class, and the Pedagogy of it has become widespread in Schoolhouses and Another institutions, according to Mueller. Previous studies Rich person produced conflicting results on whether Gender ed works, Mueller says, yet few recent studies Rich person looked at its impact Exploitation a large Sample distribution that is Across the nation representative.

That was the impetus for her Cogitation, in which she and her co-authors looked at a Across the nation representative Sample distribution of 2,019 Teenages, aged 15 to 19, who responded to the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth.

The Teenages were asked whether they had received any Classal Gender education instruction at Schoolhouse, at church, or Direct community Administrations. They Rumored on whether they were instructed about how to say no to Gender and whether they got information on birth control.

The Cogitation didn't try to prove which of the two approaches -- practicing Abstention or learning contraceptive skills as well as the value of delaying Unisexual activity -- is better, Mueller tells WebMD.

Teens Besides Rumored their age when they received the Gender education and their age at 1st intercourse. Researchers Categorised age at 1st Gender as Ended 15 or under, to coordinate with the government's Healthy People 2010 End of increasing the proportion of Teenages who Refrain from Gender until at To the lowest degree age 15.

Finally, the researchers compared those who had Gender education before their 1st intercourse with those who had it after and those who had no Gender education. They did not look at Buccal Gender practices, Mueller says.

Study Results

Their major findings, Promulgated in the January issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health:

Teenage girls who received Gender education had a 59% reduced risk of having Unisexual intercourse before age 15 compared with those who did not get Gender education before their 1st intercourse.For Young boys, Gender ed before 1st intercourse had a 71% reduced risk of having intercourse before age 15 compared with those boys who did not get Gender ed before their 1st intercourse.For high-risk groups, the benefit was even greater. African-American urban Young girls who got Gender ed before their 1st intercourse had an 88% reduced risk of having Gender before age 15, Mueller says, compared with those who did not get the training.

Teenage boys who were in Schoolhouse or had Calibrated and had Gender ed were about Cardinal Multiplication More likely to use birth control when they 1st had Gender compared with those who were in Schoolhouse or had Calibrated and didn't get Gender ed.

Perspective on Sex Ed

Earlier studies Rich person not always Recovered a beneficial effect for Unisexual education, Mueller tells WebMD. As to why her Cogitation did, she says "it could be related to the fact that we were able to control for the Chronological sequence of events." That is, they knew if the Gender education had Affected place after Unisexual activity had begun or not.

"Receiving Gender education before the 1st Unisexual activity has the All but positive Issue," she says.

The age at which Gender ed is taught varies, but a recent General Cogitation of Midway Schoolhouse Thatchers Recovered that 72% of 5th- and 6th- Class Thatchers Rumored that Gender education was taught at their Schoolhouse at one or Some Class levels.

Second Opinion

"This Cogitation is one More piece of evidence that Gender education has the potential to influence Teenage Unisexual behavior in a positive way," says Laura Lindberg, PhD, a Elderly research associate at the Guttmacher Institute, a New York based Non-profit-making Administration Adjusted on Unisexual and Generative Wellness research and Insurance policy analysis.

Still, the Cogitation has limitations, she tells WebMD. "The Cogitation doesn't Deciduous light on the debate about which approach is better." Other research does, Still, she says.

"It's a big-picture Cogitation," she says of the CDC research. And the Magnified benefit to high-risk groups, she says, is not that great.

Message for Parents

Sex education should not be confined to one class, Lindberg says, but parents shouldn't leave it all to the Schoolhouses, either.

"It's important to Rich person Current, age appropriate Gender education," she says. "You're providing your children Gender education when you Thatch them the Epithet of body parts, when you kiss your husband in First of them."

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