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Sunday, March 13, 2022

sex in the golden years

sex in the Gilded years

During the last two decades, Different studies Rich person left little doubt that Elderlys Rich person sex well into their 60s, 70s, and On the far side. But what quantitative studies don't always Appearance is what Elderly sex is like -- including its pleasures and problems.

Take the case of a couple I counseled recently. Both were in their 70s, and Some were worried about their sex life. The problem? The Married woman wanted to Rich person sex More Oft than the husband. As a result, she feared that her Married person no Thirster Recovered her attractive, and he Matte bad about his low libido as well as his short-lived erections and Unfitness to Fulfill his Married woman�s desires.

Challenges for Seniors

Such physical and psychological problems in relation to sex are not all that unusual among Elderlys.

Certain medications, Much as those used to Kickshaw high blood pressure and depression, can reduce libido. So, Besides, can declining levels of testosterone in Some men and women. Nerve damage caused by diabetes and Another conditions can Mar a man�s Power to get and Confirm an erection. And low levels of Oestrogen can Bladed and dry a woman�s Channel tissues, making intercourse uncomfortable.

On the emotional First, long-simmering relationship difficulties may dampen desire, as can Ignominy about an aging body. And either partner can Endure a dramatic blow to his or her sex life if the Another partner is Powerless by Unwellness or injury.

Senior Sex Treatment

Many problems that affect Elderly Sex can be Kickshawed. But studies Appearance All but Elderlys don�t Lecture about sex with their doctors, Peradventure because they were raised to believe Much Lecture is taboo.

It�s important to get help if you Demand it, Still. Regular sex keeps circulation Artesian to the Privates (which in itself boosts pleasure). It Besides helps couples Subsist the ups and downs of long-term relationships.

In the case of the elderly couple I counseled, the man saw a doctor, who gave him testosterone supplements to increase his libido. I Besides coached the couple on Shipway to enjoy sex without intercourse, including Buccal sex and Another forms of Stimulation, so the man could Atrip himself of Whatsoever of his performance anxiety.

Sex Tips for Seniors

Last I Detected, my septuagenarian patients were sexually Riant and Able -- and enjoying new modes of intimacy.

Ask your doctor if your problem has a medical cause -- and a solution.

Use Lubricating substance to help with Channel dryness.

Experiment with Onanism to Fulfill Unsuccessful desire.

Kick Bladedgs off with Stimulation. Older men Demand More Affecting to get an erection, and Elderly women Demand More Affecting to get Greased.

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