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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Sight Unseen

Rosario did not exist lengthy into our digital number of years with every one other accompanied by certainly never saw or

Dreamed screens inside every one hand, a a large amount of less flooding every one head. Already

It was bad enough, she said, that telenovelas inside her beloved México

Had displaced both Homer with every one other accompanied by Scheherazade, not to allude to the days

When people gathered simply to hear to fire. A neighbor brings the last

Of his garden’s kale, which I lay clasp of to a ninety-eight-year-old friend

Whose eyes well up at the idea of strong kale soup with every one other accompanied by how extremely kind

Most people are. A woman who sets the example of at least one mitzvah

Every day, what she calls the absolute lowest level for anyone human.

My neighbor, the one accompanied by the kale, is the son of a dual immigrant.

His father was a Catalán who decamped to France—guess when—

And subsequent northern California. I’ve wondered if this male was among

The enormous crowds that survivors of the Abe Lincoln Brigade

Attracted inside Berkeley well into the late nineties. Delmer Berg,

Last of the twenty-eight hundred Lincolns, died inside San Francisco,

February 2016, one-hundred-and-one years old. Today a gardener

Raises register with every one other accompanied by centre digitthumb inside front of his eyes, a sign for “Let’s

Hurts to repeat, whatever the case. See what I’m saying?

The Mexican women inside my family see on the far side of the usual senses.

Always have done. My Yucatán Maya-Spanish grandma asking ¿Qué te pasa?

When clearly she by that hour dated knew. Whatever it was. This year on her birthday,

Thirty-five years following her death, a calla dormant inside my piece of land for septet years

Sends up a tiny bud that blooms days subsequent on her elder daughter’s birthday.

That daughter, my mother. The calla, my mother’s favorite. Last year we

Buried Mami inside a basket under dozens of callas tied accompanied by hand-woven Mexican

Belts. See what I’m saying? I don’t know if the Greek women inside my family

Have following sight since I don’t know them. But I do know a following cousin

I’ve never met searched the internet for kin of her grandmother Amirza’s

Little male sibling casual broBritish casual bruvver who left-hand their island for America at fourteen, never to exist seen

By his family again. This cousin found me via a TV documentary where I

Recount the confusions of a mixed-blood descendant of the Mexican revolution.

María Zouni Tsimourtos was born on Imbros, nevertheless the family left-hand when

The Turkish management took the last Greek farms inside 1964. Our great-

Grandmother, mother of Amirza with every one other accompanied by my grandpa, was named Sultana,

Commonly a Turkish name. And here am I, a mestiza’s mestiza who wept

Only one of the numerous times I’ve been called half-breed. I know irony exist fond of a

Second skin, haphazard skein of gore weaving a cloak of numerous stories

And tongues. My neighbor, the one who grows kale, spoke French while a

First language, not Spanish. Because his father was raised speaking Catalán,

Not Spanish, at that hour dated wisely favored French safety fair across the border

And subsequent place his son inside San Francisco’s French American Bilingual School.

Oh, do see this world chasing its million with every one other accompanied by one tales, sight unseen,

All language ordinary mistranslation yet most precious lost with every one other accompanied by found.

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