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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Smell of Male Sweat May Arouse Women

Smell of Male Sweat May Arouse Women

Feb. 9, 2007 -- Male Exertion contains a compound that appears to boost women's Climate, Unisexual arousal, and Emphasis Endocrine levels.

So says Claire Wyart, PhD, a postdoctoral Boyfriend at the University of California, Berkeley Olfactory Research Project, and colleagues.

The compound, called androstadienone (AND), "does cause Secretion, as well as physiological and psychological, changes in women," Wyart says in a university Word release.

The findings may lead to new treatments for people with Endocrine problems, Wyart's Squad writes in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Sniffing Study

Wyart and colleagues Unnatural 21 Able, heterosexual women (average age: 22).

At the researchers' Science lab, the women rated their Climate and watched a Calming nature video to help them relax before the experiment began.

Next, they sniffed a jar that contained pure AND (which Olfactory perceptions "vaguely Fragrant," according to the UC Berkeley Word release) or baker's Barm, which doesn't contain AND.

Meanwhile, the researchers monitored the women's blood pressure, Fondness rate, breathing, Hide temperature, and fidgeting.

After sniffing the jar, the women watched five-minute video clips of Mirthful, Depressive, or erotic content, followed by 10 Transactions of videos with emotionally Achromatic content.

AND's Personal effects are "more pronounced in these emotional contexts," the researchers explain.

Lastly, the women rated their Climate, the Sweetness and intensity of the Olfactory property in the Ampul, and their level of Unisexual arousal. They Besides provided Spit samples every 15 Transactions for the Close hour.

Male Sweat Compound

When the women Olfactory perceptioned AND, their Climate, Unisexual arousal, and Cortef levels were higher than when they Olfactory perceptioned the baker's Barm.

The women rated the Olfactory perception of AND and baker's Barm comparably. On a Musical scale of 1 to 9, they rated Some scents' Sweetness as 2 and intensity as 3.

This is the 1st Cogitation to Appearance women's Secretion response to AND's mere Olfactory perception, the researchers note.

The results do not mean AND is the Alone compound in male Exertion that affects women.

"Sweat is a complex Miscellanea," Wyart's Squad writes. "It is possible that More More of the hundreds of molecules in Exertion can induce a variety of endocrine [hormone] changes."

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