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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Some People Love War Like a House

War accompanied by wood frame. War accompanied by first glassware panes. War accompanied by a cupola. Custom warwork. War of lost deeds with every one other accompanied by cement crumbs. War accompanied by roots eating foundation. Two-story war inside famous war district. Shabby chic war. War accompanied by wraparound porch. War you’ll fair love. Guided war accompanied by hot cookies with every one other accompanied by work cards. It’s a fantasy war. So easy, the war does your bidding for you. But war’s attentiveness fluctuates. How’s your warfolio? No problem: warclosure, what luck. Now it’s a war of your extremely own. A war to call home. War while piss post. War while security. Warheritance for your children, born with every one other accompanied by unborn. A war you tin die in—all windows, no indeed door.

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